Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our last game...

Jess and I have gone to four games this season that we assumed would be our last (the Flyers have won all of those games, coincidence? I think not!). But, we are always happy to be proved wrong, so when Kristin asked if we'd like to be put on standby for her tickets (Kristin: we really hope you feel better soon, it seems like you've been sick for like all of 2009!), we dropped everything for the chance to spend another magical evening in the Wachovia Center. Literally dropped everything. I canceled a club event three minutes after sending a school-wide email invitation for it (Didn't I feel like a fool...). We did feel a little guilty that our good luck came at the expense of one of our favorite blogger's health, but clearly it didn't stop us from going.

And what a crazy game did that turn out to be.

First of off, there was the Flyers' basket auction where the players get a bunch of their favorite stuff (like movies, candies, video games, gift certificates to restaurants, etc), and it gets auctioned off for charity and all that good stuff. A cool idea in theory, I mean some of the stuff was really cool: Timonen had a basket with game used helmet from the Olympics, Marty B threw in a Wii, Richards gave away a HD radio and John Stevens had two post-game press conference passes for next season. But then some of the baskets were really lame only having stuff like candy and DVDS. Without people bidding, the cooler baskets were definitely out of our price range and the lamer baskets were not worth the effort (Come on, Lupul $150+ for 3 Heineken Lights, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Coffee Crisps (Yum! Favorite chocolate bar of ALL time), $50 to a restaurant and an autographed hat?). So we passed on that.

We watched warm ups from center ice, which is something we've never done before. So we got to watch both teams. We've become avid Steve Dangle watchers, so we're familiar with about five guys on the Leafs, and we'd missed most of warm ups and it was the closest section. In the post for the Devils game, Jess admitted that we really like the warm up songs, especially "Swagger Like Us." I guess we're not alone on that front since Jason Blake was definitely rocking out to it too. Daaaamn Blakey, you're so pale you make Jess and me look like tan-oholics.

The first period was crazy. 5-0? Madness! I don't think I've ever been to a game where they gave out the free McDonald's breakfast bacon, egg and cheese bagel sandwich in the first period (I could have made that sandwich up since we never pay it much attention. Jess and I both have hated eggs our entire lives and so whenever the Flyers score four goals, we get grossed out and would never even consider get one of those freebies. Although I do enjoy the dancing McDonald's bag that accompanies the four goals). We cursed the other Flyers fans for heckling Cujo when he replaced Gerber. Great, now the Leafs are going to come back and won't we all look dumb then. Don't they know 5-0 is the worst lead in hockey?! Also, playing in a fantasy hockey league has changed and complicated how I've watched hockey this year. Of course there are teams I want to do well. But now, I've become a nervous wreck, I'm compulsively checking who's on the ice for goals, getting way too enthusiastic over guys getting assists and cursing when players I'm playing against do well. I was a mess when Hartnell scored.

Some time in the first period, I decided I wanted to buy a Giroux jersey. Probably because I was bitter about the baskets (Stupid baskets for stupid charity). It was pretty much perfect for me because it's instant gratification and I live for that. I ordered in the first intermission and I could pick it up in the second. What a beautiful thing. I like scouting out jerseys. For example, tonight I figured out where all the other people with Jason Smith jerseys are hiding: in the bar. And the only other people with Giroux jerseys that I noticed tonight were a large balding man and a woman who was old enough to be my grandmother. We're a bunch rabble-rousers! I doubt the Wachovia Center is big enough for all of us.

I can't remember too much of the second period other than it was frustrating. Three goals on three shots from Toronto? We knew that the Flyers fans shouldn't have gotten so cocky in the first.

In the third Jeff Carter got a hat trick. Good on you, sir. Jess and I were shocked that it was his first. The third period was just annoying. Not because of the game. At the Wachovia Center, you can now buy an orange plastic horn and piss the hell out of everyone in the entire arena! Good job to who ever came up with that idea. I swear it sounds like some dying animal. And there was a really annoying Toronto fan in our section who would cheer for everything the Leafs did. Scored a goal, she would jump up and cheer. Made a big hit, she would jump and cheer. That's fine, good on her for having enthusiasm for her team, but they were losing by a lot and she had a really annoying high pitched voice and she would just squeal out "YEAA TORONTO!!! FUCKIN' TORONTO!!! WOOO!!!" And she would cheer for dumb shit. Every save Gerber Cujo Gerber made, she would jump up and cheer. The puck went in Marty's net after play was stopped, she would jump up and cheer. By the end even Jess wanted to take a horn and shove it up her ass and Jess isn't even a crazy mofo!

I guess this was our last game of the season (for real this time!) and it was a good one.


kristin said...

Oh my gosh, your new banner rocks!!!

Sorry that you had to cancel your event, if only I had texted sooner!

How much was the Marty basket with the Wii going for? At least he made his kinda cool and value-added. I totally would have bid on the Coach's so I could watch his post game presser in person. Hah!

I'm glad you had fun! There's no way I could have done it...when I woke up from my nap at 6:50 pm, I felt like I had been run over by a truck!

I'm surprised the Toronto fan did not get anything thrown at her. I guess the fact that the Leafs were getting owned probably saved her life!

Soph said...

Thanks! Our roommate, the graphic designer, made it for us!

Don't worry it. It was just a movie night and it was last minute and I really didn't want to have it. It was just funny.

We only checked at the very beginning and I think Marty's basket started at like $400. Jess and I thought the press passes were really cool too!

Yeah we did have fun! Are you feeling any better?

I don't think anyone threw anything at her, but the section would cheer especially loudly in retaliation whenever the Flyers would score.

K-Mart said...

Ahh that was a great game to go to! I was listening to it and I was so pumped up haha.

Soph said...

It was a fun game, I can't believe the playoffs are so soon! Although I'd feel better if the Flyers had clinched already...

K-Mart said...

Well they clinched now. A win will guarantee at least 5th place.