Thursday, May 28, 2009

So when and where does this real world occur?

We're not dead! No, we only graduated... and we don't know what we're doing with our lives! Woo! Soph has been helping out around her house with her new puppy, and I've been avoiding my house since it's kind of under construction. Double woo!

Hockey just hasn't been as thrilling since the Flyers and Sharks got eliminated. Soph and I are all out of sync with the hockey world now. One day last week, we both independently went to watch a game on TV... only to discover that that was an off day for the NHL! Ooops. I thankfully missed most of the Pens-Canes series, which I imagine must have been depressing for non-Pens fans. (Although I did catch the end of the series clincher, and what's up with Cindy toting around the Prince of Wales Trophy?! Almost as dramalicious and awkward as the Jon and Kate + 8 season opener! Pops and I were relieved to see that Zetterberg left the Campbell Trophy on the table and fled immediately after pictures!) Soph and I will once again be cheering for Detroit in the Finals. Geez, when is the last time the same two teams played for the Cup in back-to-back years?

Also, does this mean that Marian Hossa is like Adam Banks in D1, when he played for the Hawks and then had to play against them in the championship game???

So that's what's going on in the playoffs. What's been going on with our faves...

-Pickles and his lovely girlfriend are driving to Quebec from Cali. (Yikes! Although they are like the cutest couple ever, so they can probably handle a lengthy road trip without killing each other.)

-Danny Briere and Simon Gagne both got corrective eye surgery. That's the in-thing, it seems. (Hey, can that surgery fix color blindness? Because my impending color blindness has been a running joke with Soph and Giggles for months. Months! It all started when I bought a navy blue sweater solely because I thought it was purple. And Monday, I bought sneakers that I was totally convinced were dark gray in the store. Once Pops and I got home, I saw that they were black and asked the only nonsensical question that can be asked at a time like that: "Why didn't you TELL me they were black?!" Guys, what is wrong with me?! I'm going colorblind, AND I'm not tough enough for black Chucks! Eeep!)

-Big Bear Steve Bernier signed an extension with Vancouver. Huzzah!

-So I've recently become smitten with the nerdy toughness that is Braydon Coburn. He may look like a hot mess, but I guess there's something endearing about a guy who takes a puck in the eye and comes back to play like he's always got a bee in his bonnet. ANYWAY, the ever-charming (in a "Does he drink heavily before interviews?" kind of way) Bill Clement recently sat down with Coburn to discuss serious matters, like Kimmo Timonen's short legs. Bill Clement is pretty well-behaved through the interview, but towards the end, he becomes unglued, proclaiming, "Guillaume La-ten-dresse. You take Braydon Coburn, take all of him and get hit in the corner!" Um, what? I wish they showed Coburn's reaction to that remark!

Well, I guess that's enough excitement for one post. Much like Kris Versteeg, our lives are super g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s.


K-Mart said...

I officially hate Malkin now. He's moved into the 'bitch' category after tonight's performance. I had such high hopes for him too :(

Jess said...

Yeah, that "fight" was kind of bizarre. Malkin was such a spaz, it was actually somewhat amusing. Aside from him swinging his stick while punching, that wasn't cool.

Soph said...

And what is the lesson we've learned?

You can never like or even really respect a Penguin.

K-Mart said...

Everyone always likes the forbidden angle... until they prove to you why they were forbidden in the first place.