Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We love you Kristin!

A few weeks ago, Kristin e-mailed Soph and me with a very interesting offer that went something like this... "So our teams are out of the playoffs... time to meet up for dinner and drinks!" (Except that Soph and I gag over most drinks that taste remotely like alcohol... minor technicality...) Obviously, this was an offer we couldn't refuse... so tonight, we had our big rendezvous! (Definitely the best part of finals week!)

We spent most of dinner giggling, causing trouble for our poor server, and talking about hockey. But here are some highlights:

-Soph couldn't decide what to order so Kristin, the ever helpful gal that she is, made notes on bits of paper to theoretically pick out of a hat. Awesomeness.

-Kristin also ordered my drink for me after I wasn't quite feeling the windex margarita. I'll just have to take her everywhere with me now: "And I'll have... I don't know, you tell 'em Kristin!"

-Is it so hard to get whipped potatoes? Sheesh!

-I basically got an ice cream cone full of french fries with my dinner. Awesomeness part two.

-My latest Flyers love was outed... it may or may not be another Flyers d-man... one who took a puck to the face, but he came back... This is a pretty recent development, confirmed by my "Yay!" reaction when I flipped my calendar to May and saw it was him. At least the Flyers have Carle, which will keep me from loving the entire defense corps!

-We discussed Kristin's former seats at the Wachovia Center, where her view would often be obstructed by a large, obnoxious man in Gagne jersey. Somehow asshole + finesse player does not compute for me, but whatevs... And apparently, when Pops went to the Tampa game with Soph, he befriended like half of Kristin's row. Because he's not Chatter McBox or anything...

-We missed the train, so Kristin graciously agreed to drive us home, where we had the pleasure of riding with the Phillie Phanatic. Aren't you jealous?!

Thank you so much for dinner, Kristin! And for the lovely cards! (With lovely Flyers tatoos!) You're the bestest!


kristin said...

Thank you, ladies! I did feel kind of bad corrupting you by telling you which drinks go down easiest, but I figure someone's gotta tell you!

Jess said...

I actually ordered a malibu bay breeze all by myself yesterday! You would have been so proud! haha

kristin said...

Woooooo! The corruption worked!


K-Mart said...

Wat. You rode with the Philly Phanatic?! I am so envious.

Soph said...

Yeah, it was totally cool. I'm kinda enamored with the Phanatic right now.

K-Mart said...

The Phanatic is the best mascot in sports. I remember when I was like ten, he stole my water bottle at a game. I consider it an honor.