Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ugh. Really?!

I mean, I heard the rumors and everything. But I was kinda hoping that's all they were, rumors. But no. Ray Emery is signing with the Flyers for a year. Oh great, a player with attitude. I'm sure everyone is thinking that he'll be the Perfect Flyer, since they're all dirty jerks, bullies and scum. Although, here's to hoping that the year in Russia calmed him down a little and knocked him off of his high horse. Although if he's throwing stuff at the staff, I'm feeling like he hasn't.

If Marty ends up re-signing, things will be pretty interesting, to say the least.


Jess said...

Insert depressed sigh here.

K-Mart said...

Yea... Emery and probably Esche are gonna be our goalies next year. Apparently we're against signing goalies that have played in the NHL recently.

Soph said...

By now, I think I've read that Homer is interested in like every goalie. It's crazy