Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good times never seemed so good...

So good! So good! So good! (I hope the tradition of playing "Sweet Caroline" at Red Sox games spills over into the Winter Classic this year.)

So yesterday, the NHL finally made an official announcement that the Flyers will play the Bruins at Fenway in the 2010 Winter Classic. Woo! I've loved Fenway ever since Pops and I went to Beantown a few years ago and took in a Sawx game from the Green Monsta. We've been psyched that there will be a Winter Classic there at all... the fact that the Flyers get to play in it is just icing on the cupcake! Apparently, some of the Flyers flew up to to Bahston for the occasion, and Coburn got to do the ceremonial puck drop:

Coburn looks pretty dorky here, thereby further endearing himself to me!

Also, why do Bergeron's jeans look like hand-me-downs from Tommy Lee, while Coburn's rocking the dress pants?

Yesterday was also a momentous occasion because the 2009-10 NHL schedule was released. I was really way too excited about this, though there are some legit highlights, like the Sharks (Pickles!) coming to Philly on Oct. 25th, and Vancouver (Big Bear!) visting in December. Soph is thrilled that the Flyers (Giroux!) and Sabres (Princess D!) will be stopping by San Jose this season, and she's already planning to get good seats with her wing man, Greej. I think we both want to try to go to the Flyers and Sharks respective home openers, to make up for blackout night at the HP Pavilion, aka the Sharks 2007 home opener!

Can the season start today? Please, please, pretty pleeease?

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