Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phillies' Phever... it's contagious!

Slightly Saucy's official fave Phillie Jayson Werth has been named to the MLB All-Star Game! Hooray! I found out about this while I was down the shore last weekend. My aunt had the news blasting at 2 AM, and as my mom and I were trying to go to sleep, this is what we heard:


Me (in a sleep-addled stupor): Did they just say that Jayson Werth's going to the All-Star Game?

Moo (in a sleep-addled stupor): Yeah, I think so.

Me: Oh. YAY!

Soph was even more thrilled to hear this news, probably because she was fully awake when I told her. Oh, Jayson Werth, we love you and your hockey player-ish ways! Even my mom (Moo) is considering forsaking her beloved Cole Hamels for Jayson Werth. What is this world coming to?! A bunch of us are actually going to the Phillies game on my birthday next month, so when we passed Citizen's Bank Park on the way home from the shore, my mom couldn't help but exclaim, "We'll be back!"


Soph said...

That game you and I went to on mother's day was totally Werth-less.

Jess said...

Amen to that. You'd think they would have made Jayson Werth Blanket Day more Werth-while, but apparently not. Geez!

paulina said...

ummm...for as many times as i heard that player's name tossed around suite 21 in squealing girlish fan-voices, i don't think i've ever seen (or noticed) how it's written. jaYson werth???...i don't approve.

paulina said...

also, may i add, soph, that just because jess feels the need to crack lame jokes always, that doesn't make it okay for you to do it, too. thank you, Corny McCornballs!

Jess said...

You love the corny jokes and miss them terribly, don't try to hide it! Also, I don't approve of the lack of capitalization you're bringing around these parts... sheesh! ;)

Welcome (back?) to the blogosphere!!!

paulina said...

stop your whining or i'll start ditching punctuation again! you know you can be such a pain sometimes youre not my mom so dont try and tell me what to do but i guess that sometimes i do miss your cornball humor and i will probably miss it even more if i get some new roommates because they just cant possibly be as cool as you and soph :D

K-Mart said...

Jayson Werth is awesome... but he's no Chase Utley. World. Fucking. Champions.