Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fuck my life

I never even wanted Dany Heatley.


Jess said...

Major MAJOR sad face :(

K-Mart said...

Heatly can be fantastic at times... so be happy?

Also- I'm resurrecting our fantasy hockey league, so look for an email about that soon.

K-Mart said...

Wow, I just checked the trade details. Michalek AND Cheechoo? You guys got screwed.

Soph said...

Jess: Thanks for all your support in my time of need. It's been appreciated

K-mart: Ignoring the fact that my first and my most favorite hockey player was traded, His Heatley trade solves none of the team's issues. A guy who's had to be traded twice in a relatively short career doesn't seem to be a great character guy that will motivate the team to get past the first or second round. I'm not overly bummed about Cheechoo, he had exceptionally amazing season but since then he hasn't been anything more than a third or fourth line player (not really worth the 3 million per year) but Milan has amzazing speed and he's added some grit to his game and I really feel like he worked well on any line