Monday, September 21, 2009

Training camp part deux... sort of

Today, Pops and I attempted to reprise fun times at Flyers practice. The only problem? Today's practice was canceled at the last minute. You know who told us?

Paul Holmgren. I kid you not!

Pops and I rolled into the Skate Zone late, as always (these 9 AM practices are killing me!), and we saw a few people scattered through the parking lot, including a couple sitting at a table with their dog. When we got out of the car, a girl was like, "Oh, practice is canceled," and then a man walked by and said, "Yeah, Flyers practice is canceled, but some other guys will be practicing at ten." At which point, I was like, "Holy crap, that's Homer!" Weeeird... He wandered off, and that's when I realized that he had been with the woman and (absolutely adorable) bulldog puppy at the table. He's not someone I expected to run into this morning, believe it or not!

ANYWAY, Pops and I decided to stick around for the 10 AM practice, which was mostly Phantoms. Certainly not as exciting as last week's wall-to-wall hockey, but it was a fun time nonetheless! They ran a lot of drills, including one that I guess simulated a really fast turn-over? A d-man would pass the puck to a forward and then immediately have to turn around and defend against an incoming forward. I love watching d-men skate, so it was like the coolest drill ever. And the Phantoms seem like pretty affable bunch, joking around and sneaking pucks to kids, as Matsumoto is doing here:

Oh! Speaking of pictures... yesterday, I was finally able to get some of my pictures from last week's practice onto my computer. And apparently, my camera was holding some decent pictures hostage! For starters, a double whammy of Giroux and Danny for Soph and Giggles:

French Connection... Ouais, ouais!

I also found some good shots of Mike Richards, per K-Mart's request:

Standing around, being all captainly

...I don't know what to say about this.
Baby got back?

There's also The Pronger from Meet the Flyers for Kristin:

"Tell us about yourself."
"Well, I'm a libra..."
(Watch Meet the Flyers, you'll see what I mean!)

And then one of Coburn for me... However, I forgot to zoom in, so it looks like when they filmed Marla Hooch from about twenty feet away in A League of Their Own. To add insult to injury, my mom saw him on the news last week and was not too smitten with "Brandon" Coburn. Gawd! Mothers... always drinking that hater-ade.

Poor Coburn :(

While talking to Giggles on the phone tonight, it occurred to me... the NHL season is only a week and a half away! Woooooo!


K-Mart said...


BTW- you still can keep one more player in fantasy Jess. Deadline is at midnight tonight.

kristin said...

Thanks for the heads up that you were going...sorry I didn't get back to you! Too bad Flyers weren't there but nice that you got to see the Phantoms. I love all those crazy drills!

Did The Pronger really say he's a Libra? Weird. I gotta find out when that airs so I can look for you in the audience!

Jess said...

K-Mart: Thanks for the help!

Kristin: No prob! You didn't miss too much, obviously... As for The Pronger, there was an awkward moment when the host was trying to get him to talk about his style of play I guess, and Pronger was like, "You want me to talk about myself? Well, I'm a libra..." Not only can he beat bitches up, but he's funny too! Who knew?

Oh god, I hope you can't find me in the audience! haha I was hiding from the camera! Meet the Flyers was on last night (though I missed it) and should be back on a few more times, starting 9/24.