Monday, October 26, 2009

As You Dislike It

How did they know Pops was coming?!

So last night, Pops and I went to the Flyers-Sharks game, and I had some mixed emotions going into it. I've been rather disenchanted with the Sharks this season, since they've blown up the team that originally captivated us in '07. I just don't know these guys anymore. As for the Flyers, something is wrong with them. I don't know if it's the bizarre schedule they've had so far this season or what, but they just don't all seem to be on the same page... Richards' really unnecessary hit on David Booth certainly didn't help matters. (That was so sad/scary to watch. Here's hoping poor David Booth has a speedy recovery! He was a former member of Slightly Sucky, so we obviously love him.) We're shocked Richards wasn't suspended because that hit was definitely questionable.

But don't worry! Once we got to the game, my mixed emotions got thrown out the window:

Me: Aaaahhh! PICKLES!
Pops: I thought you didn't like the Sharks anymore...
Me: Whatever, man!

Woo, woo, woo, Claude Giroux!
And Coburn, sneaking in past the camera

I would totally baby-sit Shelley's kid... getting paid to go on Facebook would not be a problem!
I also like Dan Boyle a lot, though I always forget he's on the Sharks now.

I enjoy Timonen's dramatic glance here.
I wonder if he can smile with his eyes like on ANTM...

Pronger always looks like he's in pain in my pictures.
Perhaps because Carter is about to mow him down?

Pops also decided to bring a sign for Soph:

Pops: I want the bald guy to find us on the Sharks' feed!
Consequently, during the game, Pops would ask when Drew was going to find us as he waved his little sign!

Here are some things that made me happy:
  • Powe-wow scored! I always forget that I like him, but I do. He brought a lot of energy tonight. And he scored for the famous CASE OF TASTYKAKES!!!111!!! Lucky him!
  • No propositions for the Kiss Cam. Woo!
  • They still play "Swagger Like Us" during warm-ups!
  • Coburn was a starter and didn't get booed! I was really worried for him...
  • When Syvret got his delay of game penalty for knocking the puck over the glass, Pickles immediately dimed him out, pointing frantically at the glass. Oh Pickles, what a tattle-tale!
Things that made me sad:

  • It was just a weird game overall. It went by really fast but had like no flow to it.
  • Coburn and Timonen were each a -3.
  • Timonen lost his stick for an extended period of time and no other Flyer gave him one. And then the Sharks scored. Aren't forwards supposed to give up their sticks to a defenseman in need?
  • I still have my death cough and thus spent most of the game coughing (and probably making the cute couple next to me fear for their lives).
  • Soph wasn't there with us. Major sad face :(

I guess Pickles got the last laugh:

Even with my mixed emotions, I can't wait to go to another game. I'm gonna have to face it, I'm addicted to hockey!

*Fun Fact! This post's title came from this conversation during the game:
Pops: The power-play looks like a high school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream...
Me: Um, what?! (seconds later) God, I hate that play! And As You Like It. More like, As You DISLIKE It!
(Ooh, BURN, Shakespeare! My B.A. in English will be promptly revoked, don't worry...)


kristin said...

So sad that the game was not a great one. I watched the first and second, but somehow missed the third, even though it was on right in front of me. (I got my macbook back and the wireless is working, so I guess I was distracted by that..)

I wonder if your sign made it to TV?

I think Timonen and Coburn are sad that they are no longer the defensive studs. It's messing with their minds!

K-Mart said...

Boucher sucks. He let in three real weak goals. This is why we got rid of him twice already... why did it seem like a good idea to bring him back a third time?

I still maintain that the Richards hit wasn't questionable, he hit Booth a split second after the puck was released... if Booth hadn't gotten hurt, I doubt he would've been penalized.

Jess said...

Kristin: I am like legit depressed about how lame this game was. :(

Soph saw some of the SJ feed, and she didn't see our sign... which is fine with me! (Though Pops would disagree.)

K-Mart: Boosh's performance was certainly lackluster. As for Richards, that's a good point. Would he have been penalized if Booth hadn't been hurt so badly? Scott Stevens wasn't thrown out for his similar hit on Lindros, back in the day... Gahhhh, I hate how the league is so inconsistent with these things.

Soph said...

I looooove the sign! I wish they had showed it!!

Jess said...

Pops was very proud of his sign too! He was quite disappointed that it didn't make a cameo during the Flyers feed (the five minutes we saw of it). And we were both sad that the favorite wasn't there with us :(