Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cards, cards, cards, yeah!

Apparently, the Flyers-Pens game was bananas? Soph and I saw exactly zero minutes of it (thank you, time differences and school), so we missed out. Moving on, the Flyers play the Ducks tonight, which means that this guy is coming to town:

Yes, that's my TV.
I actually took the picture in my euphoria over having Center Ice this week...
Sibsa just happened to be on-screen at that moment!

Remember when I was secretly in love with Sbisa? Yeahhh, well, I haven't really been following him, but I imagine he'll be playing tonight, along with Joff Lupul. Pops has a gig tonight, so there's a good chance I'll miss all of this game too. Curses!

In other news, I stopped by my favorite sports memorbilia store today, to celebrate the first day of Fall Break! The owner and I are like BFFs these days. When I came in over the summer, he found me some Claude Giroux cards and told me that "my friend" (aka Soph) would be jealous. I guess he doesn't get a lot of hockey-crazed girls dropping by the store, so we must be pretty memorable! Today's visit wasn't the most exciting, but I did get some packs. One pack contained both a Malkin card AND a Mike Richards card, so I think we know who that was meant for... Aside from that, the highlights were Marty and Vinny cards ("We have a song!"), along with Joe Sakic and Sergei Fedorov for Pops.

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