Thursday, October 8, 2009

High hopes

So today was my first ever baseball playoff game! Cliff Lee pitched a complete game, our beloved Jayson Werth had some big hits, and it was pretty much pandemonium! My previous games this season included copious rain delays and a Yiddish version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," and today's game was not without its craziness... For starters, it was so ridiculously windy that I half expected to see a cow fly by like in Twister! And I'm still losing my voice, so my cheering abilities were limited. (Though I did manage a few rounds of "Rauuuuuul!!!") But the most amusing thing about this game was our section. Pretty much everyone around us was drunk, which made for some AWESOME observations, such as:

Man behind us: Oh, the bongo cam! If I make it on there, I can die happy! LORD, TAKE ME NOW!!!

Also, I've noticed that, when drunk at the ball game, twenty-something guys really like to profess their undying love of certain players. A few years ago, these guys in my section kept wailing, "I love you, Chase! I... loooooove... Chaaaaaase..." Today, the love connection was with Cliff Lee:

Guy behind us: I love Cliff Lee! I love Cliff Lee! You get 'em, Clifford, you big red dog, you!

Hilarious! However, I did have an, um, interesting offer from the rather wasted old man sitting beside me:

Old Man: Is that your boyfriend?
Me: Huh???
Old Man: Is that your boyfriend or your dad?
Me: Oh, it's my dad. *weirded out*
Old Man: Oh. Then he won't mind if we're on the Kiss Cam.
Me: AAAHHHH!!! *ULTRA weirded out*

I've never been propositioned for the Kiss Cam before. My fear in life is being on the Jumbotron anyway, so this was like a double whammy of terror! At the time, I was traumatized, but now I can laugh about it... I think...

ANYWAY, onto pictures!

Our fave Phillie skips out to join his teammates

J. Werth! From our sweet seats in right field
Moo: "I'm keeping an eye on him for Sophie..."

I love you, Chase! I... loooooove... Chaaaaaase...

High-fives all around! Game one is in the books!

Rally towels and assorted chaos

Good times! Now I'm even more eager for my first hockey game of the season, which hopefully will be the Flyers-Sharks game... fingers crossed!


K-Mart said...

I. Love. Chase. Utley.

I don't even have to be drunk to say stuff like that.


Jess said...

Were you sitting behind me at a game like two years ago??? haha

I don't think I can properly convey the weepy tone of that Chase Utley love fest... and every time I see him now, I hear that in my head!

K-Mart said...

Chase Utley is a god amongst men. He really should have temples built in his name.

kristin said...

Love that you got propositioned! That red hair really does something to guy's brains, eh?

Jess said...

K-Mart: I'm sure you're not alone in that thought since most people seem to looooooove Chaaaaase! (I enjoy that his at-bat song is "Kashmir"... I forgot to include that in my post!)

Kristin: Apparently! Didn't Charlie Brown have a crush on the little red-haired girl? I rest my case! :) In the future, though, if I get propositioned for the Kiss Cam, I'd like the person to be within 35 years of my age, maybe? Is that asking too much? haha

K-Mart said...

I think you're really limiting yourself with 35 years. Why so picky Jess?!

Jess said...

What can I say, I guess I'm a high maintenance gal. :D

K-Mart said...

I loooooooooooooooooooooove Jayson Werth, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jimmy Rollins.

Soph said...

Um, K-mart I'll fight you for J Werfs...