Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Red October

Things I've done over Fall Break:

- homework (puh-lease!)
-bake Flyers cupcakes
-watch the Phillies advance to the second round of the playoffs!!!

I've got a fever (or, more accurately, a "phever")... and the only cure is more Phillies! Yes, it's true. Much like my mom and co., I've fallen victim to Phillies Phever and spent last night screaming at the TV and hiding under my Jayson Werth blanket in fear during the game. But they won! In dramatic, come-from-behind fashion! With our beloved J. Werth knocking home the game-winning run! (Let's hear it for the boy!) And even I couldn't keep myself from wailing, "I loooooove you Chaaaaase!" by the end of this game. My mom's Red October is not, in fact, in jeopardy, which is fabulous news.

Meanwhile, Pops has decided that our house needs a Phillies mascot. But we don't have a Phanatic handy, so this is Goonk:

He's from Ikea, and we found him last summer while cleaning out my old toy chest. I guess he could be the Phanatic's Swedish cousin?

In other news, Soph and I were doing some bicoastal J. Werth research tonight, and we discovered that our fave Phillie used to to look like a total dork! Which only makes us love him more! (Seriously, I think I had those glasses in like third grade.) He looks like the type of guy you could have played Legend of Zelda or Earthbound with for hours... which is awesome. From uber geek to B.A. chic... a pretty impressive transformation. Just one more endearing side of Jayson Werth.


K-Mart said...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with playing Zelda for hours and hours.

Also- Slightly Sucky, I'm coming for you.

Soph said...

Ugh. I am so disgusted by my team. If my goalies could win a game this week, that would be great.

Jess said...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with playing Zelda for hours and hours.

Of course not! Because that was pretty much my childhood, with a little Mario Kart and Super Mario RPG thrown in there.

You guys have a pretty intense match-up going this week... yikes!

K-Mart said...

OMG I love Mario Kart and Super Mario RPG is still one of the greatest games known to mankind.

Also- Uncle Raul and Chooch stole the show tonight, not Jayson unfortunately for you.

Jess said...

Everybody loved Mario Kart! It was always the go-to group game. And Super Mario RPG is fantastic. When I hear Malkin referred to as "Geno," I sometimes think of the little doll guy in Mario RPG! haha

"Uncle" Raul??? Well, I don't care who on the Phillies gets the job done as long as they're winning! (And I missed like 80% of this game, so I would have been quite sad if J. Werth had an amazing night, and I missed it!)

K-Mart said...

My sister is a Werth-ite now. She bought her first Phils tshirt jersey last night. You should be proud, she can join your fan club now.

Jess said...

That's awesome! I'm glad everybody's feeling the J. Werth love. Coincidentally, he's going to be my first Phils jersey t-shirt too! Soph bought one for me, it should be arriving any day now. Woo!