Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black (and orange) Friday

So you may recall that I wanted to go to the Flyers' Black Friday game. Well, Pops and I did wind up going... after buying tickets at 12:30 this afternoon! We are so spontaneous these days. And our seats were surprisingly awesome! On game days, I guess you can get lower level seats for cheaper prices just because they want to move tickets, so we snagged seats downstairs, center ice, with a lovely view of the bench. And we were in and out of the box office so fast, we didn't even miss warm-ups. Sweet!

Oh, hey there, Jeff... Fancy meeting you here.

Speaking of warm-ups, I now know one more of the Flyers warm-up songs: "1901" by Phoenix. (It's in some car commercial, and I literally just googled "car commercial song" and found it immediately.) Anyway, I saw lots of Carter as he was camped out in front of our section, and Giroux was nearby, doing some stick-handling like Dwayne in D2. I was hoping to see if Giroux had some B.A. black eye or other remnants of his fight, but we weren't close enough to the glass. Oh, and speaking of B.A.! Ian Laperriere took a puck to the face and came back for the third period with a full shield. Daaamn. I wish there weren't quite so many injuries in this game, though. Kind of a buzzkill.

But Coburn's goal was quite exciting, especially because I could see it all the way from his stick to the back of the net! I don't know that I've ever been to a game where a d-man fave of mine has scored a goal. My mom couldn't even believe it and texted, "u must be good luck 4 him!" I don't know about that, since he only started doing well once I cut him from Foxy Lady Byng, but whatevs, I'm just glad he's no longer a -1000! And though Pops and I missed Carcillo-Rivet round one, we came back in time to witness Carcillo going apeshit and like lunging across the ice to start round two. Madness! When they escorted him to the locker room, I envisioned him pulling a Dean Portman and like attacking a table while yelling, "I should be OUT THERE!!!" (Two D2 references in one post?! No one can live at that speed!)

ANYWAY, Pops was Chatter McBox and made friends with our seatmates, as always. That is, until Lauren Hart came along and sat down in front of us. The "Hart" jersey gave her away... along with that blinding rock she's got on her finger! Pops actually has a bit of a crush on her, so his reaction was, "Merry Christmas to me!" However, he was too overwhelmed by her presence to talk to her. Oh well, there's always the Carnival!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, complete with lots of yummy food and crazy relatives! If you had a dance party to "Last Christmas" in the kitchen after dinner (and overheard someone exclaim, "Well, I can't dig up your father and ask him!"), then we had pretty similar Thanksgivings, yeah...


kristin said...

Ha! Pops was star struck!

Jess said...

He was indeed! And now it's all he talks about! haha

K-Mart said...

1901 is an amazing song. I'll email it to you.