Friday, November 6, 2009

God bless 'em anyway

I first got into hockey during the 2000 playoffs. The year the Flyers won the 5 OT game and came thisclose to winning the eastern conference. After the Flyers were eliminated, the headline was "God Bless 'Em Anyway," and that's pretty much what I'm feeling for the Phillies. In the words of my friend Ellen, who LOVES the Phillies, "They had a GREAT season." And they did. Too bad it didn't end as fabulously as last year, but god bless 'em anyway. (Hopefully, my mom and aunts will be okay... they're going through total baseball withdrawal!)

Despite the stressfulness of this week for Philly sports fans, it was comedy hour at our house on Monday!

Me (pre-game): Aaahhh! Grab your Phillies shirt and your rosary!

Pops (post-game): If there's a game seven...
Me: Oh no, I'll be in class!
Pops: No way! I'll write you a note! And it'll say, "P-H-U-C-K class."
Me: Hmm, somehow I don't think my professor will appreciate that...

Pops (watching snippits from the '93 World Series): Freakin' Joe Carter! There went my music career!

Little known fact! Pops and his friends wrote a song for the '93 Phillies that was actually played on the radio! They even had a P.O. box for cassette tape requests (and fan mail?). However, when the Phils lost that year, record sales crashed. They were on the verge of going platinum zinc, until Joe Carter hit that home run. Curses!

ANYWAY, with the end of the World Series, there is nothing to distract us from total hockey love! The Flyers continue their jacked-up schedule with a game tomorrow against the Sabres, and hopefully, they'll perform well on three days rest! (Though Soph and I do enjoy our beloved Craig Rivet, and we've welcomed Staffy and Pommers onto our fantasy teams with open arms!) Speaking of the Sabres, they'll be here on Black Friday, and I really want to go to that game. (Soph, Pops, and I had a fabulous time at the Black Friday game last year... even though I think the Flyers lost in OT?) I guess I better start twisting Pops' arm now!


ems1787 said...

Jess (and sophie)!!!!!!!!!

this is adorable. why have you been hiding this from me? it is now on my bookmarks at work and at home. anywho, i greatly appreciate the shout-out. i am currently in the denial stage but i expect to move onto acceptance soon. And only about 100 days till spring training!!!!!!! and i was right it was a great season, next year will just have to be a better one :)

Jess said...

Elle, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog! And that we're (somewhat) aiding in your grieving process. (And that you now have additional reading material at work! haha) I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the blog sooner, since we usually only write about hockey. But I knew you would appreciate all the recent Phillies-lovin'! :D

K-Mart said...

Your dad wrote a song about the Phillies? He has to put that online! I have a feeling that your dad and I think a lot alike.

Jess said...

Apparently, there is like one lone copy (the demo maybe?) of the song lying around our house. When I heard that, I was like, "OMG You have to play it for me!" And Pops was like, "Really?" Clearly, he doesn't know what the people want!