Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy (almost) Winter Classic Day!

An assortment of Winter Classic cupcakes!
(Like I needed an excuse to bake...)

Soph and I are really not fans of New Year's Eve/Day. So THANK GOD there's the Winter Classic to get us excited! (Though we are kinda scared that the Flyers will get blown out tomorrow. They're not going to suck, right? Right???) I'll just be watching the game at home, but this is thrilling for several reasons:
  • Pops and I recently got a new TV, so we'll see the game in glorious high-def! (Though apparently, even with high def, I'm still really unobservant, as I didn't notice Leighton's white tape goalie mask. Ooops.)

  • I can't handle cold weather. I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be wrapped up in my Jayson Werth blanket and wearing ten layers of clothes while sitting on my couch. Yup. I'm a prime candidate for a Snuggie.

Plus, Pops and I love Fenway. We went up to Boston in the summer of '05, and a Red Sox-Yankees game injected some much needed sports excitement into an otherwise dull year. (Ohhh, the lockout. I don't miss you.) From the moment we were swallowed into the crowd on Yawkey Way, the feeling was contagious. Good times never seemed so good. (So good! So good! So good!) And we can't wait to see our fave sport played in that awesome setting. Hooray!

Happy New Year, guys!

ETA: Comcast is showing the Flyers' skate at Fenway, and the players all look so happy! Giddy even. Aaahh, I'm getting so psyched! Tomorrow feels like Christmas or something!

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