Saturday, January 16, 2010

Carnival Diary: Without Soph, we're awkwardness magnets!

So last Sunday was yet another Flyers Wives Carnival... but there was just one problem: Soph is still in CA. (Insert sad face here) Thankfully, Giggles aka Paulina graciously agreed to accompany me when Pops refused to go. (My, how the tables have turned!) I can't say that this Carnival was especially exciting, as we only met three people, but here's the requisite novella:

Braydon Coburn Photo Booth

I'm like the shyest person ever, so meeting one of my faves right off the bat was rather daunting. Somehow, though, I whisked Paulina and myself into Coburn's line... which was like two people long. Poor Coburn. I guess it's hard to woo fans when you're not a total hottiecakes and you're the current defensive whipping boy. Even so, he seemed quite unfazed. We were greeted by a beaming Braydon, who shook my hand and excitedly ushered us into the little photo area. He was pretty much our new BFF!

Coburn: "Wow, did you guys just come in from outside?"
Me: "Yeah... it's freezing out there!" (Apparently, I was too overwhelmed to say anything remotely interesting!)
Coburn: "You can always tell who's been outside... they feel like ice cubes!"

(We had indeed just come in from outside, but I should explain that I am often a victim of total ice hands. After being exposed to the cold, my hands could inflict instant frostbite. And poor, unassuming Coburn got an ice hands sneak attack! Oops! But because he's tough and would make it in the NHL, he didn't recoil in surprise. He came back.)

So the three of us gather for the picture, new BFFs that we are, and then, as we're leaving, Paulina and Brayds seemed to be having an intimate discussion about the photography lamps in the picture area. (She's just so artsy!) When we returned to the concourse, though, Paulina revealed that she could have gotten a hug from him, but she unintentionally shot him down by pointing out the lamp so excitedly.

Me: "Whaaaaat?! You were almost HUGGED by Coburn?!"
Paulina: "Maybe... I guess he didn't want to hug YOU after feeling your ice hands!"
Me: "Waahhh..."

Even though he didn't want to hug me (understandably... why get frostbite?), I have only glowing things to say about Coburn. He was really down to earth and friendly, which put my shy self at ease. And he was super patient, waiting to hear if our picture turned out okay before sending us on our way. When reporting the day's events back to Soph, the first thing I gushed was, "Braydon Coburn is sooooo nice..." so clearly he made quite an impact! Nice guys always finish first here at Slightly Saucy!

Claude Giroux, Autograph/Photograph Booth

Now I would like to talk about meeting Claude Giroux. I would like to rave about how he's all sunshine and rainbows and then detail how we sang "Don't Stop Believing" choir-style with choreographed dance moves. (Oh wait, that was Glee.) But I can't, because none of that happened. Claude Giroux was SOLD OUT! Autographs, photographs, everything! Oy. I should have known this would happen when Paulina and I saw approximately fifty Giroux jerseys in the Will Call alone. And I was all prepared to get a program insert signed for Soph too! Oh well, to make up for not meeting Giroux, Paulina won this very appropriate prize for Soph:

At least she can now drown her sorrows!
(In case you can't tell, that's a martini shaker, a shot measurer, a bottle opener... and a bubble wand?)

Kimmo Timonen Autograph Booth

After being thwarted in our attempts to meet Mr. Pop-u-lar Claude Giroux, we set our sights on Timonen. Soph and I do love our Finnish, father figure d-man! So Paulina agreed to get an autograph for Soph, which should have been easy... except that we're awkwardness magnets! As Paulina and I made our way through the line, I noticed that the guy in front of us was a chatterer... never a good sign. I also noticed that Timonen was accompanied by his son, who eventually got bored and left. I thought little of it until we reached Timonen and this exchange took place:

Chatterer: "Hey, was that your daughter who was with you?"
Me (thinking): "OMG!"
Timonen: "That was my son."
Chatterer: "Oh."
Me (thinking): "Just kill me now."

HOW AWKWARD!!! Though Timonen just laughed it off, I'd like to think he was rather thrown by it because then this happened:

Paulina: "Hi, can you sign it to Sophie?"
Timonen (smiling): "...That might be too hard for me."

He seemed like he was joking, so we laughed and spelled it for him.

Timonen (to his attendent): "Do we have a pen and paper?"

So the attendent with him spelled it again while he wrote it on the side of the ticket box. Poor Timonen! We didn't mean to cause such confusion! Not surprisingly, when he finally signed Soph's book, he added a very triumphant exclamation point after her name!

Jeff Carter Photograph Booth

This one might come as a surprise, considering we've been indifferent to Jeff Carter for his whole Flyers tenure! But last year, Soph and I witnessed his first career hat trick, and I think that was a bonding experience. This year, since he's not doing as well, he's working that angsty, vulnerable angle ("Oh, woe is me, I didn't make the Olympic team. I wear black on the outside, 'cause that's how I feel on the inside."), further reeling us in. So Soph decided that I had to get a picture with him. When I sheepishly announced this to Paulina, she was more open to it than I was! ("That's fine... Jeff Carter's cute!" *insert skeptical look from me* "It's just because you don't like blonde boys ever!" Well, guilty as charged!)

Not surprisingly, Carter was a much bigger draw than Coburn, though his line was an odd mix of tweeny girls and little boys. (The little boys were so cute. They were so awe-struck to see Jeff Carter in person!) When we reached the front of the line, there was no hand shake or friendly chatter. And while Coburn had put an arm around each of us, we were instructed by the photographer to stand behind Jeff's shoulders. Um... okay. I haven't taken a lot of pictures with players, but I don't think I've ever been told to do that before! It was the cherry on the cake of our awkwardness, as was this super lengthy conversation:

Me: "Wow, you're a pro at this."
Jeff: "Heh. Yeah."

Oy. I guess it's hard work being so popular. As Soph pointed out when I recounted this lame interaction, "I guess the only thing that can stop us from liking Jeff Carter is Jeff Carter himself!" True 'dat. In his defense, though, we met him like ten minutes before the Carnival ended, so the fact that he didn't fall off his stool, asleep, was major!


When the Philadelphia Adirondack Phantoms weren't at this year's Carnival, I was going to die from not surprise. They're not in Philly anymore, so why would they be there? There's just a slight problem, though... I've become quite smitten with Jon Kalinski! (Apparently, I love guys who do commercials about their near-death injuries. Bonus that Kalinski also looks like he's twelve years old!) Soph even gave me some sound advice about what to say to him, if he were at the Carnival: "Meeting you... an indescribable feeling. It's like flying." Um, clearly it's for the best that he wasn't there!

The majority of my Carnival pictures look like they were taken from Jupiter, but here's the few that turned out okay!


K-Mart said...

I wanted to go to the Carnival this year! Unfortunately classes started the next day :(

Jess said...

Yeah, the Carnival was really early this year. (Thanks for nothing, Olympic Break!) Usually, it's held in late February or March.

Moo02 said...

Jeff Carter is an idiot!!!
Like the Kalinski commercial, saw
it last night!

Jess said...

Okay, had to delete my first response because apparently, I can't spell! FAIL.

Oh Moo, you are more than slightly saucy! I think somebody needs a nice Carter jersey to wear to a certain game in March (whichever one it winds up being)!!! :D

Glad you liked Kalinski's commercial... I don't know how you managed to avoid it for so long! Pops and I can pretty much recite it by now!

Moo02 said...

Sorry Soph! didn't mean to vent about Carter!

Soph said...

Ha, that's okay Moo!