Sunday, February 14, 2010

I believe in a thing called love

There's been so much going on lately, I don't even know where to begin!

So today is Valentine's Day, aka my fave holiday! (Well, along with Thanksgiving and Christmas... I'm not totally nuts.) Valentine's Day is just so cute with its love and hearts and all that fun stuff. My mom, though, usually takes advantage of this fine holiday to poke fun at my impending cat-lady spinsterhood. This year, I got a "from the cat" V-Day card. BURN. Hope springs eternal that I will, one day, find a hockey-loving boy who can handle my excessive cupcake baking, overuse of the comma, and penchant for listening to the same five songs on repeat. But until then... my cats are waiting. Gee, thanks Moo! ;)

Besides being a national holiday, Valentine's Day is also Pops' birthday! So happy b-day Pops! Thanks (?) for all the teachable moments and enlightening advice (ranging from "I think 'apeshit' is two words" to "Looks aren't everything, but they do account for something.") Pops' real b-day gift came early while we were watching the Opening Ceremonies Friday night, and he was reunited with his hockey husband:

Me: "Do you think Foppa will be Sweden's flag bearer?"
Pops: "Of course! He's already on a postage stamp!"

And lo and behold! (Pops also predicted Simon's OT winner against the Devils, so he's on quite a roll this year.)

And that leads me to another momentous occasion... the OLYMPICS! WOOOOO! As you might recall from my drunk-on-the-Olympics posts in '08, I'm quite smitten with the Games. The Winter Olympics especially warm my heart because, when I was little, I played my Winter Olympics '94 SNES game ALL the time, even though the game itself was freakin' impossible. ANYWAY, considering my long-standing Olympics love, it's not surprising that Pops and I were glued to all four and a half hours of the Opening Ceremonies... as well as moguls and speed skating tonight. I'll miss the NHL for the next two weeks, but I'm quite pysched to let the Games begin!

And finally... since I've been a slacker blogger, I didn't acknowledge that Slightly Saucy turned two back in January! So in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'd like to show some love to some very important people, as far as the blog is concerned... namely Soph because, without her initiator enthusiasm, we never would have started this thing. Back in '08, she somehow convinced my shy self to write a blog with her, and thus, this hockey-loving haven was born. Two years, 20+ live NHL games, hundreds of pictures, and one fantasy league championship later, Slightly Saucy is still around. Soph basically makes awesomeness her full-time job, and for that, I'm very grateful! Loyal readers (all two of you!) also keep this blog from fizzling out. So thanks Kristin and K-Mart, for always reading our game/Carnival misadventures, As the Ice Melts, and laments about drunk old men and the kiss cam. (Ew... still traumatized!) And lastly, I have to give a shout-out to my friend Ellen because she's way better at pimpin' out our blog than I am!

And to any one else who actually enjoys reading Slightly Saucy... thanks. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!


K-Mart said...

I'm not a huge fan of vday... but that's besides the point of this comment.

Pops shares a birthday as one of my best friends up here at Penn State! So happy birthday to them both!

Jess said...

That's cool, I know my love for Valentine's Day puts me in the minority!

Oh, and Pops says thank you! :)

ems1787 said...

dear jess, i just read this but thanks for the shout out!!! i love to pimp out your blog. i would be happy to adopt the role of slightly saucy's marketing rep. lol

Jess said...

Dear Ellen, I'm glad you enjoyed the shout-out. Also, you are already a fantastic marketing rep for Slightly Saucy! :)