Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic snapshots

During the pairs figure skating medal drama of the '02 Games (TWO gold medals?!), Michael Barkann exclaimed on Daily News Live that "the figure skating is CRAZY!!!11!!" Which Moo and I immediately incorporated into our vernacular. To this day, when things are weird, we'll be like, "It's crazy..." "Crazy like the figure skating!?!?" Yes, we're nerds. ANYWAY, the figure skating is legit crazy once again. Lysacek won gold but Plushenko (and others) are crying foul? Ohhh snap!
I tried to watch ice-dancing tonight and couldn't really get into it. Not surprisingly, all I retained was this insightful commentator remark:

"Their weakness is unfortunate mishaps."

...Soooo their "weakness" is bad luck? How is bad luck a weakness and not just an excuse to play depressing music and eat cake icing right out of the container? I guess this means I don't have a future as an ice dancing commentator. Curses!
As much as I've been watching the Olympics, I don't think I've seen one hockey game all the way through yet. At least I caught most of the Canada-Swiss game Thursday, and that was fantastic. I'm kind of in love with the Swiss, those saucy upstarts. (And not just because they have my former not-so-secret love Luca Sbisa!) They're all like, "I don't care that Team Canada is practically an NHL All-Star Team. We're gonna check you guys constantly and makes you sweat it out in front of your home fans. HA-HA!" Pretty awesome. I also managed to see Kimmo Timonen get two PP goals against Germany tonight. Hooray!
And one last enjoyable quote, courtesy of Shaun White:

"It was the savvy thing to do. Saucy. Keep it weird."

Apparently, redheads everywhere love the word "saucy." Woot.

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