Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poor Soph :(

Pops drew the snowflakes... that's beyond my artistic ability.

So if you're on the east coast, you know we're in the midst of the craziest snow fall since the Blizzard of '96. I was nine then, when walking out the back door into a snow drift was fun times. Not so much today, as Pops and I struggled to shovel our driveway in blizzard conditions. (At least our four-year-old neighbor gallantly offered to help us!) The weather in CA must be a smidge better than it is here...

Anyway, while I'm reveling in my snow days, Soph isn't doing as well on the west coast. You may recall that she had her spleen out in the summer of '08, and now she's sick again. :( Poor Soph. I'm a wreck, of course, and so are some of her faves:

Giroux was quite upset to learn about Soph's latest illness in a post-game interview, exclaiming, "You insensitive jerks! Now I know why Richards hates the Philly media!" before storming off.

Jeff was a bit more composed, but inside, he was surely freaking out. He just looks like this all the time, I think...

(Richards [while wrestling the remote away from Jeff]: "Dude, why are you giving me the blue steel look?"

Carter: "That's just how my face is! Gawd!")

Clearly, we're all very distressed here on the east coast. But it's probably for the best that I'm here because if I were on the west coast, we'd be watching Disney movies and generally being ridiculous while the doctor's trying to examine you, Soph! Get well soon, lovey!!! :D


K-Mart said...

Where did you get that Phillies beanie!

K-Mart said...

Also I hope you get better quickly Soph

Jess said...

The Phillies hat was actually the giveaway on my b-day last year--aka retro knit cap night.