Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be true to your school

Early in the season, Soph and I started assigning Flyers players to people in our lives. You may recall that, if my parents were represented by Flyers, Pops would be Timonen and Moo would be Pronger. And obviously, Soph would be Claude Giroux, since they're both cute and fluent in French. But all season, we've been unable to find my Flyers alter-ego.

Well today, Soph found my match! Once she read up on him, she couldn't help exclaiming, "That would totally be you, if you were in the NHL!"

The latest poor soul in the Flyers carousel of goalies is the snazzy-named Carter Hutton, a Phantoms call-up. However, he's finishing up his senior year at UMass, so he can only play for the Phantoms on weekends due to a Wednesday seminar class. (I guess it's a good thing the Flyers' next game is on Thursday?) When Soph revealed this to me, my reaction was pretty much, "MY PEOPLE!" I'm a total spaz about missing class, so I would clearly have ten heart attacks if I had to skip school to play hockey (or do basically anything). I wonder how long Hutton will actually stick around...

Shawty got class... oh behave!

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