Monday, March 8, 2010

Dork-a-licious, part 2

Last year, while basking in the joy of senioritis, Soph, Paulina, and I went through a spell where we pretty much locked ourselves in our dorm room and watched every Steve Dangle episode on YouTube. Because he's freakin' hilarious. This year, due to our super sloooooow home computer, I've been slacking. But I stumbled upon this video the other day, wherein Steve Dangle combines my two favorite things: hockey and the Olympics. Woot! My initial Olympics bf (before the U.S. hockey team collectively stole that title) Alex Bilodeau even makes a cameo! If you're going through Olympics withdrawal too, check it out, it's pretty funny:

(Hopefully, you can actually listen to the video... Yesterday, I watched it with no problems, and today, there's suddenly no sound. AWESOME. Our computer loves me.)

Speaking of Steve Dangle, I'm going to be seeing his doppelganger John Tavares on Tuesday because Pops and I are going to the Flyers-NYI game! When I told Soph, she immediately started giggling because the Islanders are definitely the opposing team we've seen the most without even trying. In any case, I'm so excited to see a game live! Hooray! It's been so long since we've been to the Wachovia Center, I practically cheered when Pops and I passed the Broad and Pattison exit on the highway today. (Also, I'm a huge nerd.) This game should be all kinds of awesome because they're allegedly giving away the 2010 team set of cards as well! (Also, I'm a huge nerd.) I've seen two losses so far this year, so here's hoping third time's the charm!

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