Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hockey is everywhere!

You're probably all familiar with the game Quizzo. But if not, it's basically bar trivia that allows you to feel really cool for knowing random things, like that Alphaville sings "Forever Young" and that Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre. And for the visual thinkers, there's a round of pictures featuring various actors, singers, athletes, etc. I usually correctly identify a grand total of ZERO pictures, but last Wednesday, all that changed! Because a hockey player finally made it into the picture round!

Me (on the phone with Soph afterward): "OMG! Crunchy was one of the pictures in Quizzo!"
Soph: "Seriously?! I hope you put 'Crunchy' down as your answer."

First MTV and now Quizzo... We are living in a material hockey world!

(PS- During the Olympics, Pops asked me where the nickname "Crunchy" originated. I figured it had to be traced back to the -Ookies, and lo and behold! The explanation they give is quite amusing.)

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