Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hockey... kind of a big deal?

So tonight I was innocently watching the Sharks-Devils game on Versus, when I decided to flip to MTV during a commercial. (Okay, okay, the siren song of 16 and Pregnant was calling me. Come on, you want to know what dramaliciousness ensues for the girl who's yelling, "It's your baby! Get it through your head!" in every commercial for that show.) ANYWAY, all of a sudden, I start seeing all these pictures from the gold medal hockey game. So I'm thinking, "Oh, I must have gone back to Versus." BUT NO! The last shot in this commercial was Kesler hugging a teammate and then the MTV logo came into view. Sh-whaaaa? Hockey on MTV?! My mind has been blown. I know everyone has been saying what a big deal that game was, even for non-hockey fans, and I kind of had an inking when my almost-70 year old aunt texted me that she was watching it. But still! A commercial on MTV? Damn. Hockey is officially everywhere!

(Also, the trade deadline is rapidly approaching. Gulp.)

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