Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm looking for a dare-to-be-great situation...

Remember when I said I hoped Sunday's Flyers-Thrashers game wouldn't suck? Well, that didn't exactly happen. Cumulatively, I think there were about ten exciting minutes in the whole game, mainly in the third period when it looked like the Flyers might come back. They just could not get their act together. I've never seen so many chances where pucks bounced over guys' sticks! And why on earth were Parent and Bartulis playing together? It wasn't the worst game I've been to this year (that dubious honor goes to the Flyers-Sharks game), but it was pretty lackluster. To quote the little boy sitting next to me, "Wake up and smell the pucks!" (Our section for this game was full of saucy tykes. Another one yelled something like, "You've got the game on the line and you blew it!" at some point during the third period. BURN.) The Islanders game gave me hope that my mom would actually see an exciting one, but it was not meant to be. :(

Jeff says, "That's me in the corner..."

So Moo's first Flyers game since the '80s was rather a bust. But we still managed to have a good time! (Once Moo recovered from the horror of seeing Hartnell's hair up close, that is.) Our seats, first row in 215, were pretty bangin'. (I picked them out all by myself!) Aside from the spunky kids, our section wasn't as rowdy as some of them... though there was one guy who, approximately two minutes into the game, bellowed, "Put someone on their ass!" Well, okay then, thank you sir! And at least the Flyers didn't get blown out, so Moo got to see someone score for a case of Tastykakes!

Warning: People on screen are as indecisive as they appear

This game had some added intrigue because I'd been toying with the idea of buying a player shirt. However, I'm Little Miss Indecisive, so this task proved challenging. (In case you were wondering, I own exactly zero jerseys and player tees. Not surprising!) I guess if I did get a shirt, I would join the masses and get a Giroux tee, but I was struggling because the shirt I liked the most was only available in optic orange... not a redhead-friendly shade. While I debated, Moo made this astute point: "If you'd gotten a Simon Gagne jersey back in the day, it would have been a wise investment." (Yes, my original Flyers fave, for a hot minute, was Simon. I KNOW. Hard to believe now, since I'm pretty indifferent to him.) Moo and I have been struggling with player shirts that are "wise investments" all weekend because she bought me a Jayson Werth t-shirt on Saturday, with full knowledge that it will, most likely, not be a wise investment. Oh well. In any case, I just didn't see the Giroux tee of my dreams, so, much like Whitney Houston, I have nothing. But it's okay, someday I'll make up my mind!


kristin said...

Why is she called Moo?

Jess said...

The short explanation is that my family is crazy!

The long explanation is that my mom had two Aunt Maries, so they nicknamed one "Boo." (God knows why.) Aunt Boo and my mom's mom were inseparable, so my mom nicknamed her mom "Moo." Moo and Boo... quite a dynamic duo! ANYWAY, when I was in high school, I heard about this nickname of "Moo" and promptly attached it to my mom. And unfortunately for her, it stuck!

kristin said...

I wish my mom had a cool nickname!

And yay, we're flickr friends now!

Jess said...

My mom will be thrilled that someone thinks "Moo" is a cool nickname!

Also: Hooray for flickr friends! Group hug! :D (Although now you'll get to see what a nerd I am in picture form! Poor you!)