Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've been waiting for a game like you... (aka a WIN!)

At first, this game seemed like it was going to be all kinds of FAIL. For starters, there was no card giveaway (whaaaaat?), although I guess we may have missed it because we were almost late. (And by "almost late," I mean "almost late for warm-ups," which is just unacceptable!) Then, the Flyers were lackadaiscal for a period and a half. John "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" Tavares broke a 17-game goalless drought, and, to make things infinitely better, the drunkards behind us really enjoyed yelling. About everything. (Okay dudes, the players can't hear you from the Mezzanine, so why are you screaming in MY ear?)

Jeff says, "No one on the corner got swagger like me!"

But THEN! Laviolette must have waved a magic wand before the second period (or at least before it ended) because Carter scored a lovely goal right in front of us, and Giroux and Simon added goals in a third period rally. Woot! I must have said, "Soph should be here" about fifty times because, not only did her two faves score, but it was practically Jeff Carter Night! They showed his Pop Up Video, and he was the PGW Hot Player! (LOLZ) So it turned out to be a good night all around, as Pops and I finally got to see a win this year! However, Pops was also a winner because he got to indulge in second intermisson ice cream, which I had to decline. (Because I stupidly gave up ice cream for Lent! Curses!) ANYWAY, here are some other random notes from this game:

-When Krajiecek got hit in the face, it was like deja vu for us (since we were there on Black Friday and witnessed Lappy's epically B.A. performance wherein he stopped a shot with his face only to come back later in the game). By the time Carcillo and JVR got injured, we were starting to think we were cursed! Flyers, we love you, really! We don't want you to get injured in our presence!

-Soph and I love watching the pre-game skate, so even though the music tonight was lame (no "Swagger Like Us" or "1901"?!), I was totally on board. I think I love it a little too much, though, because I've learned some guys' tendencies. Like that Pronger doesn't stay out that long, while Carter, Coburn, and Giroux stay out the whole time. Speaking of those three, Coburn and Giroux were kind of playing catch with the puck at one point and then Jeff came along and stood in their way, all oblivious. Oh, Jeff!

-On a musical note, if you're wondering what song plays right before the game starts when they announce "FLYERS. [insert opposing team name here]. NOW.", it's "Rebirthing" by Skillet. We discovered this quite accidentally last year because a girl in our French Club had that song as her ring tone, oddly enough!

-Lastly, I got to meet up with K-Mart after the game because apparently, we can't be at the same game unless the Islanders are involved. (He actually got to skate on the Wachovia Center ice earlier in the day, so his game experience was much cooler than mine!) Meeting up with blogger BFFs is always fun, so it was a nice end to a great game!


K-Mart said...

I didn't realize that was Skillet music playing... I used to love that band... Imma have to start listening to them again.

I also gave up ice cream for Lent. Then three days later started working at the Creamery at Penn State (aka greatest ice cream in the world) and found out that we get all the free ice cream we want. God hates me obv. So I hope your dad enjoyed that ice cream, cuz my dad never got his...

Jess said...

I had never even heard of Skillet before, but I do enjoy the one song I now know by them!

haha I'm really amused that we were both in the ice cream line... when neither one of us could, in fact, eat ice cream. (Though I'm glad I don't work at an ice cream shop because then Lent would seem like way more than forty days!) Pops did enjoy his ice cream, especially since he doesn't eat sweets, like, ever. The line was ridiculous, though, so I can see why you guys bailed...