Monday, March 1, 2010

"The next call is going to be from the police!"

That remark occurred when our phone rang as Pops and I were celebrating Zach Parise's tying goal. (Ie-jumping up and down and screaming. Or, in my case, saying, "Oh my god!!!" repeatedly) Needless to say, we were a wee bit excited by the gold medal game. That game gave me about ten heart attacks. In fact, during the OT, I first covered my eyes and peeked out from behind my fingers. But then this became too cumbersome, so I took off my glasses and "watched" the rest of the game that way, hoping a blue blob would score. But we all know what happened next... I'm going to miss this underdog U.S. team. I wish we could cheer for them all the time! Even Pops was like, "I miss Crunchy!" during the closing ceremonies. Katebits recently had a post lamenting how we have to "give up" these U.S. players once the season resumes and everyone goes back to their NHL teams. That's how I feel too. We're all lovey-dovey with these players, but now they have to go back to their other teams. Too bad. At least it was fun while it lasted!

On a random note, during the first period, Pops and I noticed the name that American moms love the most:

I threw Bobby Ryan in there too, just for kicks.
(And in case you
forgot, I've got the market cornered on hideous stationery.)

You guys, I'm so sad the Olympics are over. THANK GOD the NHL comes back now to fill the Olympic-sized void in my heart. The trade deadline is Wednesday, so I'll be back to having ten heart attacks a day in no time! Also, the return of the NHL marks the return of fantasy hockey. I can't believe that our season is winding down already. Where did the time go?!

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