Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday!

My mom does not have a history of awesome b-days... namely because, for some reason, bad things tend to happen on April 2nd. (Case in point: Senior year of high school, in a total monsoon, we went out to dinner for Moo's b-day... and promptly found out that the Pope had died. Yikes.) But this year, we were determined to make Moo's b-day not sucky, and the Phillies helped us out by playing a home game last night! So the whole fam trekked down to Citizen's Bank Park for the occasion. I must say that Moo was a much better birthday girl than I was. You see, last year, we all happened to get tickets to the Phillies game on my b-day, and my aunt made it her mission to get the Phillies staff to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. When the girl appeared in our section and asked if it was my birthday, I flat-out told her no! But Moo had no problem getting serenaded by all of Section 241 and didn't even mind shaking off confetti for the next three hours!

Unfortunately, because it's still pre-season, the regular starters got pulled after a few innings, and the game itself became rather dull. But before departing, Chase Utley caused a stadium-wide swoon, thanks to a B.A. defensive play and a home run. (Of course, a college-age boy in our section yelled, "You go, Chase Utley!" and nearly tumbled over the railing in glee. I imagine he spent the rest of the game composing his own love letter to Chase.) Moo actually got a Chase jersey as a gift from my cousin, and we both agreed it is a "sound investment." (Certainly more than J. Werth apparel. Insert sad face here. At least he finally shaved his crazy beard!)

Even though this game didn't count, Moo still got to see a win and is now a sparkling 4-0 when attending live Phillies games. Damn. I wish I had that kind of luck!

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