Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Off the schneid

(I actually had to google that phrase, to make sure I was spelling it right. Also, did you know that "off the schneid" originated from gin rummy? Oh, the educational links Google brings us!)

It's hard in here for a pimp...
(Although Moo is still not impressed!)

Last year, Soph and I nicknamed Jeff Carter "Vanilla Bean" because, well, he's like vanilla bean ice cream: good and reliable, but kind of boring. But when he reacted to his first goal tonight, he was totally Peanut Butter Cup Perfection (which I deem to be the most exciting flavor at Coldstone). He was visibly thrilled to finally get a goal after approximately 95 shots, and it was nice to see such enthusiasm. And then Danny Briere joined the "off the schneid" party, as he scored a goal that apparently also included a one-way ticket to Hugtown, courtesy of Braydon Coburn. Add to those celebrations Carcillo's totally stunned reaction to his goal, and it was an entertaining night all around! Oh yeah, and going up 3-1 doesn't hurt either. Meanwhile, the Sharks got another OT win courtesy of their vanilla bean equivalent, Joe Pavelski. Woot! I guess it doesn't matter that Versus only picks up the Sharks games in the third period... each game so far has been decided in the last minute or OT anyway!

In other news, tonight I got a THREE Text Tirade from my mom, and it surprisingly had nothing to do with the Phillies! (Ouch.) Here's some backstory: After Sunday's game, the guys on Flyers Post Game Live pointed out that apparently each player being interviewed in the locker rooom stands on a box, to avoid being swallowed up in the media swarm. Who knew? Anyway, Pronger was on the box briefly tonight (he climbed down, mid-interview), and I texted this to my mom (who is kind of scared of The Pronger). This is the response I got:

"Pronger needs a box? He's like 9 feet tall! Didn't know if they had won listening to Carter. Like, was he asleep during the interview? Sorry Soph. Anti-Carter strictly forbodden! Boosh had Nic Cage's Raising Arizona hair. Love it! Text tirade has no Phils tonight."

Leave it to Moo to throw '80s movie references into her sports wrap-up! Also, she's obviously still struggling to warm up to Jeff, but if he keeps having two goal nights in the playoffs, she should come around real quick!

UPDATE: Um, it's going to be hard to have two goal nights in the playoffs... when you're done for the playoffs. Wow. I figured Simon was pretty banged up, but I didn't see this double whammy coming. Poor Jeff. Who breaks both feet in the same year?! Oh man... And things were going so well! Ugh, I'm so sad right now... :(


kristin said...

"off the schneid" is one of my favorite phrases now, although I had never heard it until last year when Knuble got off the schneid. I had to look it up too last year, because it sounds so bizarre!

Jess said...

It's like the weirdest yet most fun-to-say sports term! :D