Saturday, April 17, 2010

Playoff odds and ends

In the next three weeks, I have to write three term papers. Which means that, at some point, I will surely be found, curled up in the fetal position on my living room floor, surrounded by journal articles, library books, and empty water bottles, with my iPod playing "Heartbeats" and "Hey Ya" over and over again (of course).

Clearly, I'm going to implode when I have to write my thesis next year.

The only thing saving my sanity right now is the playoffs, and the fact that I can see every game! (Or at least every game that's on CSN, NBC, or VS.) When we were at school last year, Soph and I didn't have cable, so we had to rely on the commuter lounge (perfect for the Sharks' late starts) or the lone TV lounge in our dorm. Now, though, I'm guaranteed wall-to-wall hockey. Woot! In no particular order, here's some playoff randomness:

(During a phone call with Moo, talking about last Sunday's Flyers-Rangers game)

Me: "For the shoot-out, I picked Giroux, and Pops picked Danny Briere, because he has to leave the dance with the girl he came with..."


Moo has taken to sending me a Two-Text Tirade after each Flyers playoff game, though she's usually focused on her favorite thing in the world, aka the Phillies. Anyway, the texts below rolled in after I accused her of jinxing the Flyers in game one (because as soon as she told me she was watching, the Devils scored):

"I DID NO SUCH THING! I am trying to take my sparkling Phils record to new heights! J Werth in high def. OH YEAH. He only had 1 at bat. BUT I WILL DOUBLE DIP NO MORE!"

Oh Moo! We can't blame her for game two, I'm pretty sure she didn't watch that one at all. But I did have to put my phone on silent afterward because she kept texting me into the wee hours of the morning. All the cool kids' phones are blowing up with texts from their MOTHERS, obvi. Carter and Richards' alleged party boy ways are probably just to cover up the oodles of texts they get from their moms each day. Yup, I've got this one figured out.

After game one, I made the astute observation that Johan Backlund is the missing Michalek brother, and you can see the comparison below. What a big, happy, Czech-Swedish family!


Speaking of doppelgangers, Blair Betts and H.P. Lovecraft? Kind of similar looking. (Though I'm sure Blair Betts isn't as much of a creeper as Lovecraft apparently was!) Sadly, I couldn't openly share this in my American Gothic class because I doubt anyone would have appreciated it. (Or known what I was talking about!)


Lappy may be Pops' fave Flyer (well, along with Danny Briere, I guess), but I think the entire city of Philadelphia loved him after Game 1. In addition to his totally bad-ass assist on Richards' goal, he blocked approximately 86 shots AND gave this fantastic post-game quote:

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day!"

I can't remember what Coatsey asked to provoke that answer, but hey, it beats the usual, "Well, we played hard out there tonight..."


Former members of Foxy Lady Byng have kicked off the playoffs in high gear: Giroux netted a PP goal and assist (much to Soph and my glee!) while perhaps being the best Flyer in game two, Backstrom got a hat trick tonight (including the OT winner), Chris Stewart put the Sharks away in game one with like 50 seconds left and added two goals in game two, Datsyuk scored in game two, Rob Blake scored in game two (and perhaps in game one, since Stewart's GWG deflected in off him), Pronger continues to be all-around awesomeness... What this means is that I can assemble an excellent team... for the playoffs, when it doesn't get me any points! Curses!

Yeah, I guess that about sums up the word vomit portion of this post. Flyers and Sharks both have their game threes tomorrow. Soph and I went to game three last year, a win against Pittsburgh, so hopefully that trend continues! And maybe I'll actually get to see more than the last five minutes of the Sharks game, though if game three is like the previous two, the last five minutes are the most exciting!

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