Thursday, May 27, 2010

Apparently, we love old men...

But since those loveable "old men" are Timonen and Lappy, we're not the only ones...

How heartbreaking is this? (I actually saw a video of it, but now I can't find it, boo!) Poor Kimmo Timonen just wants to win the Cup, dammit! It's not news that Soph and I love Timonen (and the lovely Mrs. Timonen, who sold Soph the best mystery bag ever at the '08 Carnival!). Timonen just seems like a calming father figure on the blueline (hence why Timonen = Pops). His veteran defensive presence is quite soothing, much like his Finnish accent. Also, when he's just standing around on the ice, he always looks like he's got a cape on or something, standing around with such composed swagger. He's been a good soldier since coming over from Nashville three years ago, and he has roomed with Hartnell, so that right there should earn him a medal! (Can you imagine seeing that hair/beard first thing in the morning?! Yeesh!) When Pops and I were rattling off Flyers we want to see with the Cup, Timonen was at the top of the list.

Also up there? Lappy. I can't even remember the first time I heard about Ian Laperriere because he's been a "Pops Player" for years. (Other Pops Players include Foppa, Joe Sakic, Sergei Fedorov, Alexei Kovalev... hence why, when Kovalove fever broke out, I was like, "Isn't he about 50 years old by now? I've only been hearing about him forever!") But hey, this is supposed to be all about Lappy... like everything else. Let's see, he blocks shots (despite losing a bazillion teeth), kills penalties, gets in fights, blocks shots (despite breaking his face/head), seems like a super nice guy, and is a stand-up comedian. How could anybody steal this man's dentures?! As the oldest Flyer (beating Pronger by a few months), Lappy's days in the NHL are numbered. This may be his only chance for a Cup, and there would be no better reward for all the hard work and heart he's given this team.

"Why yes, I AM awesome, thank you Al!"

Saturday is inching ever closer... eeeeee!!!!

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