Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guess who's back, back again? Shady's back...

Shady, you're my knight in shining armor, and I love you...
(No, I don't like him that much... don't worry, Kristin!)

During Michael Leighton's earlier run as Flyers' starter, I took a shine to him. I'm not a goalie girl, but I can appreciate a generally calm and attractive goalie, especially one that can come into a game cold and just take over. Soph, however, was not wooed by Leighton. Her objection was that he seemed "untrustworthy." So of course Pops and I promptly nicknamed Leighton "Shady." (Why is it that we always wind up giving Kristin's faves the weirdest nicknames? Hellooooo, Zebulon Pike!) And as of last night, Shady is, in fact, back again, tag-teaming his way to the first tandem shut-out in the playoffs since 1955. Damn. Just when you thought the Flyers' season/play-offs couldn't get any crazier, let's throw in another goalie injury, why not! Poor Boosh. He's kept them in games, it's a shame he had to get injured now. But, if I think back to the regular season, I didn't want to rip my hair out too much when Shady was in net, so I hope that trend continues as he takes over the starting job for an injured Boosh... again. (Stop me if you've heard this one before!)

As inconsistent as they can be, this Flyers team is certainly used to one thing: adversity. So I wouldn't count them out just yet. All I know for sure is that I'm not ready for a handshake line... so they better win game six!

Well, regardless of how the Flyers do, we're already guaranteed one enjoyable team in the Conference Finals, since the Sharks advanced over the weekend. This Sharks' post-season is already more successful than any we've seen... it's so nice to not be disappointed in them at this time of year! Speaking of the Sharks, apparently, Soph and I are inadvertent trend setters! My cousin recently got into hockey and, with zero input from me, decided to like the Sharks along with the Flyers! I was so dumbfounded when my aunt told me that my eloquent response was, "Shut your face!" My cousin and I don't have much in common... being together on planet Earth is one of our few similarities. But now, we're practically twins! Maybe the apocalypse is coming...?

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