Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm going to need to take up drinking...

...if every game is going to be a 6-5. I didn't think the happiest part of my day would be buying a dress for $5 and finally committing to a Flyers player tee (more on that later), but alas. What the heck was this game? Did either team play well enough to deserve a win? Well, I guess Chicago scored one more goal, and that's going to get you a W, but this was certainly not the game one I expected. I don't watch enough Chicago games to really judge them, but I wasn't impressed with them until maybe the third period. On the plus side for them, some of their more underrated guys played well, namely Brouwer and Bolland, thereby making Pops look like a genius! (He now thinks he could be an NHL scout because he's been saying all week that Bolland and Brouwer are guys to watch out for.) Meanwhile, the Flyers looked disorganized and played sloppy defensively. The Leino-Briere-Hartnell line was an offensive bright spot, each of them netting a goal. But there was a lot more chaos in each team's defensive zone than I would have expected. I'd like to blame this on Game-One-of-the-Stanley-Cup-Finals jitters, and I guess we'll see on Monday if that's the case. I'm trying not to jump off a building here, but we all know that's hard for me. I need Rick Tocchet's calming influence 24/7 after a loss! It's just one game. One. Game.

Anyway, onto something happier, like my snazzy new player tee! As you may recall, I'm Little Miss Indecisive and have been struggling all season to commit to a player tee. But with the Flyers in the Finals, I felt like I needed to get over my commitment fears and put the proverbial ring on it. So, who did I choose?

Without any further adieu............. Claude Giroux!

Yeah, orange is a questionable choice for my gingerlicious self, but I took one for the team literally. I really like this style of shirt, with the number on the front. (Like the hoodies they had on at media day!) And Soph is gracious enough to let me love Giroux too, even though she claimed him five seconds into his first home game, and they have chatted in French. (I made sure to get her the same Giroux tee! Hee!) His general pwnage in these playoffs helped to tip the scales in his favor as well.

Last night, I was also responsible for keeping Moo and the aunts updated on the Flyers game, since they went out shopping. In a 6-5 game, that's a lot of texts! (And I had to throw in "Doc pitched a perfect game!!!" once that happened.) I thought I was being helpful by texting things like, "4-3 Blair Betts!" but when that text got the response, "Are we winning?" I knew I wasn't a very good reporter. (My aunt doesn't watch hockey that often, which I should have taken into account.) Anyway, when the game was over, Moo texted, "Thanks Jess! The Gene Hart of ur generation!" Well, I tried!

And lastly, because I'm not a calm person, I tend to freak out a lot during games. Last night, Pops determined that when I scream, I hit a tone like I've just encountered "a purse-snatcher... or a mouse... or any kind of bug." I'm sure our neighbors are thrilled.


kristin said...

I only got to watch the third because I was at work, so I will take your word for it that they looked disorganized and sloppy defensively. It's not much of a stretch to think that!

Rod was texting me with the score, but luckily when he said 4-3 Betts I knew what he meant.

At least we know we can score on Niemi! If he doesn't fix his damn helmet so it stops popping off when we have scoring chances, I am going to lodge a complaint.

I was not at all pleased about Leights getting pulled, because it wasn't really his fault, but I can never question the judgment of my favorite coach. In the end, it seemed to work out okay, as the guys tightened up in front of him a bit.

here's hoping Game 2 is better!

And of course Pops is a genius. Anyone who loves Kovalev is!

Jess said...

You didn't miss out, Kristin... this was a weird game!

See, Rod knew his audience! That's where I went wrong. At least Moo was there with my aunt and could calm her down: "It's okay, Betts is a Flyer!"

Yeah, we can definitely score on Niemi. Heck, the Sharks only scored seven goals on him in their whole series, and the Flyers nearly reached that total in one game! And WTF was up with Niemi's helmets in the third? I know one of the straps came undone but then didn't he switch helmets? And it still kept happening juuuuust as the Flyers would be getting offensive pressure. Grrrr! It was that kind of night!

I don't really get why Leights was pulled either, especially since it wasn't a blow out... Niemi let in the same amount of goals. But I had the same thought as you! I turned to Pops and was like, "Well, every time Laviolette makes a weird decision, he winds up looking like a genius, so let's just go with it!"

hahaha Pops will be so thrilled to hear that you agree with his geniusness! It's just inherent to you Kovalovers!