Saturday, May 22, 2010

Like sands through the hourglass... are the days of our Flyers. (I'm really more of a General Hospital gal, but in light of today's alleged Sand-gate, the title seemed appropriate.)

So I didn't jump off a building Thursday night, and the Flyers rewarded me with a game four win! Even though everyone and their maman had skate issues, they still managed to put together a rather dominant effort, perhaps the most complete game they've played in this series so far. The Pronger and Carle were back to their usual selves, thank god. Everyone's favorite petit chou Giroux chipped in two goals. Even Coburn was a plus-three! And he almost had a goal himself when he nearly gave Hal Gill a colonoscopy while jabbing away at the puck trapped under Gill in the Habs' crease. Apparently, he was a chaise for Brian Gionta at some point as well...

Le chat est sur la chaise et le singe... le singe est disparu!

Carter and Lappy also made their triumphant returns to the playoffs today! I can't even believe I'm typing that. When they went down, I was sure I wouldn't see them again until training camp. I somehow missed all the buzz before the game, so I was stunned to spot Jeff during footage of warm-ups. (Since I'm like one step away from a seeing-eye dog, I literally couldn't believe my eyes: "Is that a seventeen?!") Even though he was out for a month, Jeff had quite a bit of jump, especially on that on PP chance early in the game when he undressed Moen with some slick moves. Soph is more of a Carter GRL than I am, but I felt really bad for Jeff after round two. So he gets cut from the gold medal-winning Canadian Olympic team at the last minute, breaks both feet in the span of a month after playing 286 consecutive games, and THEN he misses out on the Flyers historic comeback against the Bruins. Ouch. So I'm glad to see him get some good news for a change and get cleared for more playoff action!

Jeff: "Well, my eyebrow is very happy to be back..."
Giroux: "NOM NOM NOM!"
(He's chewing on his water bottle in the above photo, which becomes more obvious if you enlarge it...)

Will the Habs' perfect record in elimination games be destroyed on Monday? Will we see the Prince of Wales? Stay tuned... Let's go Fly-ers!


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I KNOW!!!!! I MIGHT SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST TOMORROW!!!! (Definitely a caps lock-worthy amount of suspense for game 5! hahaha)