Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Living in a powder keg and giving off sparks

(When Timonen went off on Plekanec, the above phrase popped into my head... because playoff hockey OBVIOUSLY makes us all look to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for wisdom.)

So the Habs were much improved tonight, but the Flyers hit them where it hurts the most: the scoreboard. Their timely goals have made up for some occasional lapses. I'd like to see the Flyers play a complete game in this round, maybe? Yet they haven't played their best and are still up 2-0. So that's pretty enjoyable!

Also enjoyable? Claude Giroux. This certainly isn't news (as Soph has loved him since his first home game as a Flyer!), but during the first period, he made a really nice defensive play that, of course, I can't specifically remember now. But it reminded me of how he chewed up time by fending off three Bruins in the waning minutes of game 7. Put that together with his offensive upside, and basically, Claude Giroux is just awesome at everything! The playoffs have made this fact even more apparent.

Giroux says, "Ain't no shame in my game!"

In other news, one of the random things I love about the Conference Finals is that they introduce... the PODIUM. Interviews on the box in the locker room are cool, but the podium brings a whole new dimension of unintentional hilarity into the post-game mix. First up on the podium tonight, we had Danny, Richards... and then they panned to the Flyers-loving burglar they accidentally let on panel:

Oh, Ville Leino, you are way too intense (and bundled up?) for the podium! They only asked him like one question, which I can't quite remember. (It was either about how happy he was to score or how happy he was for Leighton.) His response was pretty much, "Happy. Really happy. Really really happy. Well, you know what I mean." The camera man kept creepily panning back and forth between the three of them, to add some nice ambiance to the situation. Not to be outdone, Danny said that he would take on the booing at the Bell Centre "to give Chris a break." Put the guys on a podium and suddenly, it's comedy hour! The next duo on panel was clearly ladies' choice (well, if that lady is Kristin!), as it featured Leighton and The Pronger. Oh, speaking of Leighton, tomorrow is his b-day! (Thank you, Versus announcers, for cluing me in!)

Happy birthday Shady! Glad to see you celebrating early with some shut-outs!

I don't know how long I'll be able to stay up for the Sharks game, but it's currently 4-1 :(

Lastly, I just got this text from Moo: "Actually, it was 'Only God Saves More than Bernie Parent'... Announcer said The Lord. I know cuz I had the bumper sticker! PUT THAT ON YOUR BLOG, SISTA!"

Done and done! (I actually just googled it and am getting results for both "God" and "the Lord"... so maybe both are acceptable?)


kristin said...

The podium was the best part of the game. I mean, other than winning it. I loved when Gagne wasn't paying attention and he asked them to repeat the question like 3 times!

I felt bad for Leino when nobody was asking him questions. That mean old camera man kept panning over to him to make it all the more awkward.

And yes, I was super psyched for The Pronger/Leights podium. I love The Pronger's post game comments no matter what, and he was spectacular as usual. Except for his cough. Which sounds suspiciously like my cough.

All in all, it was an excellent treat for me. This was the first game I've been able to watch in real time since uh, game one of the Boston series. WHAT?!?

K-Mart said...

I will contend that right now, NOTHING saves more than Leights

Jess said...

Kristin: YAY, I'm glad someone else loves the podium as much as I do! I was worried you had missed this game, so I wanted to keep you up to date about such super important things as the podium! :D

I felt bad for Leino too... They should have just let him peace out, since they only wanted to talk to Danny and Richards anyway! And I noticed Pronger's cough too! (How could you miss it? It probably started an earthquake in some other part of the world!) Glad you finally got to see a game in its entirety!

K-Mart: If Leights can get six more wins, he will be God, as far as Philly fans are concerned!