Saturday, May 8, 2010

Prophetic Pops, part deux

High five or interpretive dance?
Whatevs, the Flyers are back with a vengeance! Er, relentless?

So you may recall that Pops has a knack for picking out OT game-winning goal scorers. First, it was Danny Briere, and now Simon. Parlez-vous game five?! (Also, Pops should probably play the lottery or something...)

You may be wondering where I've been for, oh, the other three games of this series. Well, I've actually only seen games one and four. On Monday, I missed the Flyers game altogether... because I was at the Phillies game for Ellen's b-day celebration! (Complete with a Phillies pinata and Phillies cupcakes!) Then, I missed 97% of Wednesday's game because Wednesday was our end of semester bacchanal, wherein we arrived at the bar just in time to see the Flyers lose. (But our team did win at Quizzo, so all was not lost!) In between that chaos, I was frantically pulling together my last two papers while listening to the All-American Rejects on repeat. (Because I want to relive sophomore year of high school?) But now school's over, so I can go back to devoting my life to hockey, instead of postmodern theory! And thanks to the Flyers, I've got Monday to look forward to, at least! I didn't have a ton of faith when this game went into OT, but hey, they won, so let's see what happens Monday.

As for the Sharks, Soph got to go to game two last Sunday! I think that makes up for being the young and the spleenless! (Obviously, she's making a speedy recovery.) As we've watched the Sharks this year in the playoffs, we've found ourselves feeling very attached to guys who were rookies or sophs, mere BABIES, when we first got into the Sharks: ie Conn Smythe Pavelski, Clowe, Seto... They've grown up so much and done so well in the playoffs thus far... it just brings a tear to the old eye! (well, something like that)

In addition to seeing a fabulous game, Soph took a bazillion fabulous pictures, like the three above! You can see more here, if you'd like...

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