Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prozac nation

You know that old adage "don't get too high after a win and too low after a loss"? Yeahhh... I have trouble doing that. Not so much the first part (I think I only get moderately high after a win), but the second part, wherein I become clinically depressed after a loss. I know this is no surprise, since we've already established that I'm not a calm person, but still. I need to trust in Dr. Rick Tocchet, who calmly tried to keep everyone from jumping off the Walt Whitman Bridge on Flyers Post Game Live. It's just one game. One. Game.

With that said, it was one clunker of a game by the Flyers. I didn't think Shady was that bad, but the D in front of him certainly didn't help him any. The Pronger and Carle as a combined -6? That's not going to bode well for the rest of your team. Though my dear Coburn was fiesty, which I always appreciate, he also made some questionable decisions, including skee-balling the puck up the ice after his stick broke in the last minute. Oy. And poor Giroux held "an impromptu equipment sale" (oh, Joe Beninati!), losing his stick and gloves on the ice after getting wacked in the face by former Shark Josh Gorges (who we always wind up calling "Gosh George" because his real name is quite the tongue-twister!). All in all, a bad night.

However, I guess there are several things to take into consideration here. First, the Habs were obviously going to throw the kitchen sink at the Flyers in this home game. If they didn't, the series would become a pretty steep mountain to climb. (And the Bell Centre might have been destroyed in the ensuing riot.) Second, the Flyers had to come down from the euphoria/adrenaline of game 7 sometime. And their so-so play in the first two games finally caught up with them. Third, I wonder if The Pronger is nursing some kind of illness, as the death cough from Tuesday's presser seems to have stolen his voice tonight. Or maybe he just screamed at everyone after the game. (Either way, he sounded like Kristin from The Hills after a hard night of clubbing!) I did like Mike Richards' post-game intensity, saying that they got their asses kicked and might have taken this game too lightly. I'm not a Richards girl (GRL?), but I could appreciate his honest commentary. Especially since The Pronger's voice limited his usually blunt remarks.

These are all logical explanations for the game three debacle. It's just one game, after all. I'm going to try to embrace these wise words of Dr. Tocchet and remain (relatively) calm until Saturday. It may take me that long to bandage up all the paper cuts I've gotten in my first few days of filing anyway!

OH YEAH!!! I'm going to the Phils-Sawx game tomorrow! I lucked into a ticket at the last minute. So J. Werth will distract me!


kristin said...

You keep reading my mind Jess. I'm not a Richards GRL either, but his post game comments tonight were the most honest and real I've ever seen. I was impressed.

And yeah, let's blame the cold for The Pronger's crappy performance. I am also getting over a cold (coincidence?) and it kicked my ass for about 2 weeks, even in the cough/lost voice stage.

I have to disagree about Shady though. Yes, the D left him out to dry, but check the highlights. He is going down way too early, and his overall confidence and positioning were not great. I think maybe he had more than one glass of red wine for his birthday and was paying for it today.

Let's hope they can at least not suck on Saturday, even if they don't get a win.

Jess said...

I am also getting over a cold (coincidence?)

Kristin, were you making out with The Pronger?! Have you infected him?!?! hahaha :D