Thursday, May 13, 2010

Relentless pursuit of my heart

Oh, and the Cup too. This Flyers team has played do-or-die hockey for the past three games and has not only worked its way back into this series but now have the Bruins on the brink of blowing a 3-0 lead, one that felt insurmountable only a week ago. My mind is blown, but my heart is happy.

Which means that I did not, in fact, give myself a heart attack before or during game six. When Pops and I left the house, I said, "I hope we come home after having seen the greatest hockey game of our lives." Well, forcing a game seven makes it pretty close to being "the greatest hockey game of our lives." Oh, and Pops and I are now a (combined) sparkling 4-o in live playoff games. Sweet!

The crowd was absolutely bonkers, as expected. I think it surpassed even my past playoff games, as the cheering was so loud, you couldn't hear the music in the pre-game videos! And everyone sang along with Kate Smith during "God Bless America." (LOVE Kate Smith! Though I was saddened when the little boy next to me was like, "Who's that old lady?" Come on, sonny, you need a Flyers history lesson! Now, get off my lawn!) From the minute we took our seats, there was this sense that, if the Flyers were going to force game seven, we were going to help them do it. It was unlike any game experience I'd ever had. I guess this is what happens when you go to a potential elimination game! In the end, it was worth all the heart palpitations.

Flyers take the ice (sadly, it's quite blurry, but you get the point)

Anyway, here's some other notes from the game:

-After Shady stopped that shorthanded breakaway in the first period, the guy behind me changed "Let's Go Fly-ers" to "Michael Leighton," which works quite beautifully. I guess Shady does need some equivalent of "Boooooosh," and this "Michael Leighton" cheer fits the bill! (And I don't think "Shady" will be catching on anytime soon!) Speaking of Boosh, he got a standing ovation during the second period, and he tearfully blew kisses to the crowd. It was quite a heartwarming moment.

-Also heartwarming? The Pens getting knocked out by the Habs! I was sure the Pens were going to win that game, even after going down 4-0 because, well, they're the Pens, perennial thorn in my side. That final score rolled in during the second period and got a standing ovation of its own:

So now, if the Flyers advance, at least they won't lose to the Pens for a third consecutive year! My battlecry this whole playoffs has been, "I can't take another loss to the Pens..." (Kind of like when Stacy laments, "I can't do another summer at Perry's..." in Fast Times at Ridgemont High) And now that can't happen, thank god!

-When the "Ass-hole" chant got going after some penalty call, the little boy next to me tried to jump aboard. His dad just shook his head and was like, "Thank god your mother's not here..."

-Let's add a little more craziness to this game with a penalty shot, shall we? Had Ville Leino (whom Pops has dubbed "Little Hank" as in "Little Hank Zetterberg") made that shot, the roof would have come off the Wachovia Center, following in the illustrious tradition of the Spectrum. As it was, after Danny scored, I was jumping up and down and high-fiving strangers!

I'm not ready for this series to end with an unhappy handshake line. The Flyers' resilience over the past three games has been fantastic, but I want to see history. Game seven. Anything can happen. Let's go Flyers.

Random Gagne jersey dude knows that Friday's game is brought to you by the number 7

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