Monday, May 31, 2010

Sheer heart attack

I heard the word "thriller" thrown around to describe game one, but I think it's much more applicable for this low-scoring game two. Game one was weird as hell. Game two took awhile to really get going, but during the second period, it entered dramalicious territory and stayed there right through the Flyers' third period surge.

Thriller or not, it's still an L, which is a huge bummer. I felt physically exhausted after this game. The Flyers still didn't play a full sixty minutes, but they were much improved from Saturday and cranked it up to another gear in the third. Carter would kill for a goal right now (and may kill Carcillo for mowing him down in the first). Leino seemed to create scoring chances every other shift in the third. Richards was a presence. Team defense was much better. Speaking of defense, as Coburn's one remaining fan, I was quite pleased to see him play a good game. HOWEVER, everyone from Doc Emerick to the Post Game Live crew was singing his praises, so it's not just me being blinded by my bizarre love! He made a bunch of subtlely smart decisions, namely when he blocked a shot and then knocked the puck out of harm's way when Chicago could have taken a 3-0 stranglehold late in the second. Some guys just seemed to have extra jump in this game, and Brayds thankfully was one of them. (Unfortunately, the D can't seem to all play well at the same time. What was up with Carle letting Eager just waltz on into the defensive zone? He should have gotten an assist on that goal, since all he did was screen Shady! Oy.)

Soph and I were thrilled to hear that Parent was scratched, since we can't really understand why they've been playing him over Bartulis for so long. Bartulis played ten minutes tonight, which is a huge upgrade over Parent's whopping 41 seconds in game one. (And he was a minus one in those forty-one seconds. That's... impressive?) Although Bartulis finished the night as a minus-one, I thought he looked pretty good for a young guy who hasn't played in weeks. Having a third D pair that can play a regular shift and thus take some heat off the core four seemed to be helpful. JVR was also scratched, much to Soph's amusement because she's convinced that I'm in love with him. (And she made sure to text, "I was worried you'd be heartbroken that your boyf is scratched! LOL") This all started because Pops recently said that I should obviously love JVR because he's a nerdy, twelve-year-old-looking brunette (key traits of my "type", apparently). It takes me forever to warm up to new players, so my battlecry has been, "JVR, I'll love you next year!" But Soph remains unconvinced. Whether I love JVR or not, I can't say that I disagree with scratching him. He hasn't been producing lately (unless he's responsible for getting Giroux his pre-game grilled cheese), he doesn't play on special teams, and he was a defensive liability in game one. (Oh wait... wasn't everyone?) Carcillo was a bit more of a loose cannon than I would have liked, and he nearly decapitated Jeff Carter (dude, you're on the same team!), but I guess he brought more energy/craziness than JVR would have. So that counts for something?

JVR is not pleased that he's scratched... and that I don't love him (yet?)

The Flyers are down 0-2... stop me if you've heard this one before. I'm trying not to jump off a building based on the fact that this team has overcome every bit of adversity thrown at them already. Wednesday... let's get a win for reals this time!


kristin said...

I'm not going to watch anymore games. I'm going to start rooting for the Habs again!

Jess said...

Lolz, that does seem to help the Flyers, doesn't it?