Tuesday, June 22, 2010


While Soph and I are totally psyched for the Draft, there is one other major event in the NHL universe this week: the NHL Awards. It should come as no surprise that I'm particularly excited about the (foxy) Lady Byng! I like gentlemanly players and burly hellraisers alike, but I especially love the Lady Byng because not only is it A MAJOR AWARD (to quote Ralphie's dad in A Christmas Story), but it's one masterminded by a girl. How bad-ass is that? I'm also really excited this year because I love two of the three nominees. In addition to being diminutive, high-scoring BAMFs, Pavel Datsyuk and Marty St-Louis are my beloved fantasy team lifers. Plus, Marty and I both enjoy Journey (so I guess "we have a song" too... LOL). As for Brad Richards, sorry, I'm just not that into you. (Though Moo did nickname him "the Bend and Snap" years ago, so there's that.)

But enough about this year's nominees... what about the lovely Lady Byng herself? Well, first of all, did you know that there is a LORD Byng?! (Pops: "Well, duh!") Check out these sexy beasts, ready to party like it's 1899:

Tell my wife I love her very much... SHE KNOWS!

Here's some other key deets that I gleaned from my extensive Wikipedia/NHL.com research:

*Lady Byng actually has a name: Marie Evelyn. (I think I'd stick with "Lady" too. At least she did it without having to marry the Janitor on Scrubs!)

*Speaking of marriage, Lord and Lady Byng got hitched in 1902, a mere 108 years ago.

*They never had kids, so no baby Byngs were bestowed upon the world, just the trophy. :(

*Both Byngs were avid hockey fans, attending lots of live games in Ottawa. No word if they ever appeared on the Kiss Cam. (Or the Kiss Daguerrotype, perhaps?)

*In addition to donating totally awesome awards to the league, Lady Byng even dabbled in writing! She allegedly penned an autobiography called Up the Stream of Time, but I can't find much more about it...

*As for the award itself, she was apparently so thrilled with NYR's Frank Boucher (who won the award a staggering seven times in eight years), she gave him the original Lady Byng Trophy. Then she donated a second award to the league. And THEN, after her death, the NHL presented a new trophy, retitled "the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy." Who knew? (As for the original, it was destroyed in a fire at Boucher's house. Major sadface.)

So there's your history lesson for the day, kiddies. Lady Byng is awesome, don't mess.


Flora said...

One of my dogs is named Lord Stanley, and our next one will be a girl named Lady Byng! (we're naming all our dogs after NHL trophies and awards... yeah, we're obsessed)

Jess said...

OMG! That is a fantastic idea! If I had pets, I would totally do the same thing.