Sunday, June 6, 2010

Damn you, Windy City!

That insight came via text from my friend Kate, who doesn't watch hockey but apparently tuned in tonight. (Yikes, I'm sorry!) The Flyers seem to go however The Pronger goes. So when he's a minus-5, that's probs going to be a loss, just a thought. Laviolette's weird decisions usually make him look like a genius, but I don't get why he keeps pulling Shady. He unraveled a bit as the first period went on, but it wasn't all his fault. And Boosh can't seem to come in cold and be super effective anyway. Is Shady's ankle acting up or something? Lavi, I don't like to question you!

I'm just curious, how on earth was that gash-opening high stick on Danny Briere not a penalty? (I feel like high-sticks have become the missed penalty call du jour... both sides seemed to get away with a few in this game alone.) But Danny just further endeared himself to Pops when he came back minutes later, all stitched up. Pops has been pondering getting a Danny shirt, and I think this performance sealed the deal. (Pops and I have actually liked Danny since he was on Phoenix... yeahhh, not exactly the high point of his career. Oh, but look at him now!)

This series has been crazily close. Even tonight, the Flyers had a pretty bad game and yet were never entirely out of it. After going down 0-3, they still scored four goals. Too bad Chicago also scored four goals to make it 7-4. In the last two games, one team has held a lead through most of the game and staved off repeated come-back attempts by the opposition. As much as I want to jump off a building now, the Flyers always seem to play their best after they've had off nights. (Remember the Conference Finals when a dismally bad game three was followed by a dominating game four?) Tonight's minus-five performance should just be more motivation for Pronger to put Byfuglien through the glass in the next game and then light the first two game pucks on fire and twirl them around on a baton. (If that legit happened, would anyone be surprised? I think people would just be like, "Meh, that's Pronger.") That crowd on Wednesday night is going to try to will the Flyers to victory; let's hope they're up to the task. Judging by how these playoffs have gone so far, there should be a game seven on Friday night. But we've got to get through game six first.

In other news, I can't jump off a building because we now have plane tickets to LA, along with our tickets to the draft!!! HOORAY!

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