Saturday, June 12, 2010

To Flyers, with love

While most people were initially puzzled by the Stanley Cup winning goal, I didn't see it at all... because I was hiding in our dining room!

Today, though, I'm much calmer and can attempt a post longer than two sentences.

Let's get the Debbie Downer stuff out of the way first. The Flyers managed to do something incredibly difficult (getting to the Finals) and lost. My one thought during the eternity before the handshake line was, "What about Lappy and Timonen?" How many more chances are these guys going to get? Even the young guys might never be back here again. A scary thought, but it's certainly happened before. Because it's freakin' hard to get to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Who knows, maybe they'll be back in the Finals next year. But 2010 was a fabulous, and ultimately missed, opportunity. That hurts.

But disappointment shouldn't overshadow the last two months of unexpected glee and excitement! Because despite losing, the Flyers gave us an unforgettable run. Boosh's belated playoff heroics against the Devils. Forcing game five... and six... and seven against the Bruins. Four unanswered goals in game seven. Lappy getting hit in the face... but he came back. Leights' three shut-outs against Montreal. Richards' SHG in game five. Giroux's OT winner against Chicago. The Leino-Briere-Hartnell line. The Pronger (and his extra-curriculars). This team came together and tackled adversity in a way few teams do. They didn't win it all, but they still made history. And they got some much needed experience, which can only help them in the future. It may be a missed opportunity, but the 2010 run is one I'll fondly tell my cats about someday...

And thank god it's already June because I miss these guys! What are Pops and I going to watch on pizza night now--HGTV?! (Pops does love him some House Hunters.) We've seen so much of this Flyers team that they feel like family! And that got me thinking (you know this is never good)... what would Thanksgiving dinner be like with them???

(Scene: Our house. Pops and Danny B. are chatting while cooking)

Pops: "Have you seen the latest issue of AARP magazine? It's a good one!"

Danny: "Yeah, I always steal it from Lappy and Timonen! Did you see that fish oil can work wonders?

Pops: "Oh, of course!"

Jess (putting a plate on the table and noticing a suddenly depleted supply of rolls): "Whoa, where'd all the rolls go?"

The Pronger (hiding a roll-filled plastic bag behind his back): "Is it against the rules to take some rolls before dinner? Am I getting into your head now?!"

Jess: "Eeeeeep!" (runs away in fear)

JVR (from his spot at the kids' table with Powe and Giroux): "Heeeey, do we really have to sit all the way over here?"

Giroux: "And can we have grilled cheese instead of turkey? That's how we do in Hearst, Ontario!"

Carle (overheard banging on the bathroom door): "What the hell is taking so long?"

Simon (yelling through the door): "I don't know, I'm just gelling my hair! Five more minutes!"

(Meanwhile, in the living room, Boosh is leading Timonen, Carcillo, and Betts in song.)

Boosh: "Put some feeling into it! That should be easy for you, Car-bomb... Let's get some death metal into 'Deck the Halls'!"

Timonen: "Well, I am Finnish, so I can handle that! Metal is like our second language!"

Hartnell (sitting down at the table): "Come on, no one wants to sit near me?"

Soph (who is at the other end of the table with Jeff, Leights, and Leino): "Um... no..."

Leights (whispering to Soph): "Is it because he's gross? It's 'cause he's gross, right?"

Soph (whispering): "Um, yeah, maybe... Hey Leino, who are you talking to? No cell phones at the dinner table!"

Leino: "Aww, but it's Hank Zetterberg! I have him on speed dial!" (He glumly hangs up after a withering glare from Soph)

(A resounding crash is suddenly heard from the living room.)

Coburn (standing amid his path of destruction): "Oopsie! I was just trying to help Lappy find his dentures!"

Lappy: "Wait, I found them!"

Soph: "Oh good, 'cause dinner's ready! Considering your toothless struggles, I'd hate to see you eat without them!"

Pops (as the group assembles around the table): "Wait, where's Parent?"

Asham: "...Oh, he's a healthy scratch for this dinner."

(Soph and Jess secretly high-five.)

Jess: "So who's going to say grace?"

The Pronger: "Not me! I don't want to step on Richie's toes."

Richards: "Come on guys, don't make me get fiesty on a holiday." (sighs)

Who wouldn't want to spend Thanksgiving with this bunch?! Can't wait 'til it all starts up again in September.

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