Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Tonight's the night... but not in a Rod Stewart-y kind of way..."

Claude Giroux, I think the entire city of Philadelphia wants to marry you right now... just FYI.

Two words: Bad ass

I'm not gonna lie, I was scared going into OT. I loved that Leino equalized things just seconds after Kane scored, but going into OT, I was seriously on the verge of vomiting. I'm a skittish little thing, I can't handle too much excitement at once! If this game had gone 5 OT, I would have been curled up in the fetal position in a stupor. Thankfully, our petit chou Giroux came through (sadly not in game two! heh) with the OT winner. This is a special group of guys; you can never seem to count them out. Buuuuuut to come back from being down 0-3 in a series TWICE in the same year seems to be tempting fate a little too much. I'm much happier that they finally got a W and made this into a series.

This game wasn't spectacular, but it's a win, and a hard-fought one at that. Finally being able to shove a goal back down Chicago's throats right after they scored was a nice change. I said (while peeking out from behind my hands in OT) that if they won tonight, Leino's goal could be the series changer. That remains to be seen, but what is already apparent is that Leino has been a total beast. Detroit's cap troubles have become our treasure!

Clearly, though, the real reason the Flyers won tonight is because Pops and I had pizza for dinner. The Flyers' record on our pizza nights is apparently quite good, since Pops made sure to solemnly tell me, "You know, I'm not superstitious or anything... but I think the Flyers have done well when we have pizza." Sure Pops, your total addiction to pizza has NOTHING to do with this. Pops = cold busted. But hey, I guess it did work!

I wish I could wear my fancy new Giroux tee to work tomorrow... curses! Game four Friday. Let's send this back to Chi-town knotted up at two.

(PS- This post title came courtesy of Moo... who, when I incorrectly told her that Pronger scored, said "That's me!" In addition to being B.A. like Pronger, Moo is pretty quick with the comeback herself and would make short work of the Philly media too. When some guy passing by on the street once told her, "Smoking will kill you," Moo's response was "Not soon enough." Oooooh burn. She's totes Pronger.)

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