Sunday, June 6, 2010

We're going to the draft! We're going to the draft!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Finals posts to inform you that WE'RE GOING TO THE DRAFT!!!11!! Eeeeee! In case you don't know, the 2010 NHL Entry Draft is going to be in LA at the end of June. And while we do not yet have tickets to LA, we have eight tickets to the draft. So at least we're prepared for the most important aspect of this trip! We're not super informed about the top picks (aside from Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin, neither of whom I could pick out of a line-up), but I do have the draft preview issue of The Hockey News, so I better get studying! Sadly, the Flyers don't have a first round pick this year, but I guess we can love Anaheim's first rounder, since it changed hands in the deal that might land us a Stanley Cup.

Speaking of the Stanley Cup, I kind of saw game four, hence the lack of a timely post. Yesterday was my cousin's b-day, so I was at his house, surrounded by family and little kids running around screaming. Fun times. Focusing on the game was kind of difficult. But they won! And apparently I'm psychic! All day at work, I had a good feeling that the Flyers were going to win game four, which is a bit unusual for someone cautious like me. Secondly, I made Flyers cupcakes for the b-day party, and I somehow just knew to make a JVR and not a Carcillo. So, go me!


Soph said...

We're going to the draaaaaaft!

Jess said...

Yaaaaaaay!!!! :D