Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten Years After

Pop quiz: Who was my first favorite Flyer?

That's right, this angelic rookie, pre-excessive hair gel and perennial scruff. Back then, he was just the new kid on the block, Eric Desjardins' roomie who barely spoke English but scored some big goals in the 2000 ECF against the Devils. What a difference ten years makes.

Considering all the he said-she said "Did he waive his NTC, no for reals this time, say whaaaat," I should have foreseen this trade. Not to mention that the Flyers have been over the cap for awhile now, so duh, someone had to get moved. But Soph and I had convinced ourselves that Jeff Carter (Mr. No NTC, as well as the acting mayor of Sea Isle apparently) was going to go. So we were rather stunned when it wound up being Simon after all. I was immediately having A League of Their Own flashbacks:

*baseball crashes through window*
"YOU? I... I told them to trade me."
(Also, has anyone seen my new red hat?)

ANYWAY, Simon Gagne is now a Bolt, because that's apparently where my first loves must go when traded from the Flyers. I've become rather indifferent to him over the years, but I'm surprisingly sad to see him go. Ten years is a long time! I'm glad he got to leave as a key part of the Flyers' Cup run, rather than watching from the sidelines... again. We might lose the longest-tenured Flyer, but I'm sure these guys are pretty psyched to have him:

Who WOULDN'T waive his NTC to join this dynamic duo???

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