Sunday, September 19, 2010

All you need is (training camp) love

I am not a morning person. This is not news. But for training camp, I can make an exception and drag myself out of bed before 11 AM on a Sunday!

I liked this team last year. That is also not news. But once they pulled off that totally bad-ass comeback against the Bruins, I became REALLY attached to this group. (I think it helped being at game six of that series. I practically lived in my "Together We Fight" shirt after that!) Thus, it was a total love fest today, seeing the old gang again. Giroux! Jeff! Brayds! Timonen! Lappy! Shady! (aka My new bffl, as of last week) Ville Leino! (for some reason, Pops loves Ville Leino. Danny B. better watch his back!) JVR! Wait, say what now? Yeah, so everyone (ie Soph and Pops) has predicted that I will love JVR this year, and I guess that's starting already, because I was pretty psyched to see his dorky self. Let me just throw out the disclaimer that I even asked Pops where Richards was at one point, so clearly, I was in love with everyone today!

JVR, I'll love you next year THIS YEAR! Eeeep!

Also, Matt Carle, how do you always wind up sneaking into our not-so-sucky pictures?

After practice ended, we then went to the taping of Meet the Flyers! It was kind of a bummer because the camera man filmed our section like 80 times, so I might actually be on TV this year! (Ewwww...) But there were still some funny moments, such as when Shady was being interviewed and some girl yelled out, "I LOVE YOU, LEIGHTON!!!" (Kristin, you said you weren't coming! Gosh, what a liar!)

Kristin's dream TV

Also, when Jeff Carter made his grand entrance, he did what can only be described as a swagger strut. Hilarious! Jeff, when did you get a personality?! Vanilla bean, no more! (Or at least vanilla bean with sprinkles!) And, just as an FYI, if you're going to the Jersey Shore (...bitch), you might run into Bill Guerin! Apparently, his wife is a local gal, so they frequent the shore. So be on the lookout for Butthead the next time you're surreying to Uncle Bill's Pancake House! (Oh yeah, because
the -Ookies are geniuses who dole out the best player nicknames, we've totes stolen "Butthead" from them. We're oddly amused by him, what can we say? And speaking of -Ookie nicknames, Pops has started calling Richards "Beaks"! As in, "What the heck was that hat Beaks had on?" LOL)

Carter and Richards must have gone plaid hat shopping together

ANYWAY, at one point during the taping, all of our faves wound up being in the room at the same time. If you've never seen Meet the Flyers, two or more players sit on stage and then, there's a few other players standing out with the audience, being interviewed by people like Coatsey. And at this particular moment, Soph's two faves (Jeff and Butthead, obvi) were on-stage, while Coburn, Timonen, and Giroux were in the audience. (Sidenote that Giroux looked absolutely scared to death when they first started interviewing him. Maybe the HUGE cheer he got frightened him. It's okay G, maybe breathe into a paper bag and then have a grilled cheese. He seems to be the latest bromance, although that may be inaccurate since he's loved by guys and gals alike!) In any case, it was like fave overload! I didn't have enough cameras to keep up with it all!

As you can tell from the above assortment, my pics are pretty lame, but you can see more here, if you'd like...


kristin said...

Yes, that is my dream TV indeed. And this post answers my unasked question of "Did you go to the taping of meet the Flyers?"

And how great that Pops is calling him Beaks!!!

Jess said...

The enormous TV actually wasn't on the whole time... so thank goodness Leighton got to make an appearance!

haha Yeah, this "Beaks" business is a recent development! I had forgotten about it, and Pops was the one who reminded me. Apparently, he is fully committed to Beaker/Beaks!