Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shady Day!

Since I'm pretty much the biggest spaz ever, I try to avoid situations that make my spaz-ness especially apparent... like meeting hockey players. (Especially without my soph-curity blanket!) But yesterday, I had an offer that Pops wouldn't let me refuse. You see, Michael Leighton was making a return appearance at my favorite card store, which is like five seconds from my house. Much like Kristin, we love Shady now too, and I'd already wussed out of meeting him back in March... hence why we had to go yesterday.

Things were obviously off to a good start when we arrived at the store and I tried to hide behind a rack of jerseys as soon as I glimpsed Shady in the next room. The Carnival is overwhelming, but a one on one situation?! Thankfully, Shady did most of the talking:

Me (inching up to the table): "Hi..."
ML (shaking my hand) : "Hey, how are you? Nice to meet you! So, what color would you like?"
Me: "Oh, um...?"
ML: "I think blue would show up best..." (signing the Winter Classic puck that I'd brought) "Here you go! I signed on the Flyers' side, in case you were wondering why it's sideways."
Me: "Oh! Heh, thanks! Um, can I take a picture of you?"
ML: "Sure! You can come behind the table..."
Me: "Oh no, no, I don't want to be in it!"
ML: "What?! Come on! Get over here!"
Pops (stealing my camera): "Yeah, get over there!"
(Pops takes the picture)
Me: "You should really be a lawyer, you're very persuasive!"
ML: "Ahahahaha!"

Annnnnnd then I ran away! (Well, after thanking him, of course.) Having heart attacks about hockey? Clearly, the season is almost upon us! (Less than a week 'til training camp! Huzzah!)

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