Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The boys are back in town!

Today was a momentous occasion in my life as a hockey fan: I got to see my first home opener! And there were no disasters, no power outages, no old men and the Kiss Cam, even! When Pops and I stumbled onto fourth row seats for warm-ups, and "Public Service Announcement" started playing, all was right with the world!

Being back at the Wachovia Wells Fargo Center was like being back at school after summer vacation. The gang's all together again! And The Pronger was certainly a sight for sore eyes! (Sidenote that I'm always struck by how scary he is in person! He's simultaneously cool and terrifying!) Also, I could watch Braydon Coburn skate backwards all day. (What a nerd!) When I wasn't drooling over stellar skating, I managed to take some not terrible pictures! (How shocked are you right now?!) Or, well, at least three "not terrible" pictures:

Baby got back?

Giroux strikes a tortured artist pose

Danny parked himself in front of our section for awhile.
I think he knows that Ville Leino is wooing Pops away!

After warm-ups, Pops and I hustled up to our sweet first row seats in 211! (Which Kristin immediately identified after seeing just one of my pictures! Kristin, I will have to consult you before I buy tickets in the future!) Our seats were awesome, but even if they hadn't been, we were strategically placed near second intermission ice cream, and that was enough for Pops! (We were totes like Brad Pitt in Ocean's Eleven... all we did was eat! Watching banner raisings is hard work, I guess!)

ANYWAY, after a bazillion videos, they introduced the team. Each player came onto the ice through these doors that had pictures of the player projected on it and were lit up like a ring of fire. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Then, they unveiled the Eastern Conference Champions banner, which made my heart cartwheel. I know there's a way more exciting banner to have, but winning the conference is pretty damn awesome too. Of course, the concluding montage was a recap of last year's playoffs. What an unexpectedly wonderful spring! Oh, all those nights I put off writing my term papers to watch hockey... it all worked out so well in the end (thank god!). I still remember sitting on our ottoman, saying, "Ohmygod" repeatedly as Pops did his best Mike Eruzione running up the boards imitation after Gagne scored the GWG in game 7. I guess I'm still not ready to let last season go! (Sidenote: "Bro Hymn" just popped up on my iPod. LOL. Because I didn't get to "whoa-ohhh-ohhh-ohhh" quite enough tonight!)

But alas, the new season is underway, and the Flyers got another W tonight. Giroux's short-handed goal was beeeautiful, and then, deja vu, Jeff scored a nearly identical goal minutes later. In fact, all the Flyers' goals were scored directly in front of us, which was delightful. Annnd then we got caught in a monsoon on the way home, but after our fabulous evening, we were willing to overlook the fact that we could have used an ark!

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