Monday, October 4, 2010

Is this the year... that I will finally see a live home opener?

Soph and I really enjoy The Buried Life (as evidenced by this text tonight from Soph: "the buried life!!!!!!"). Not only is it named after my favorite Victorian poem, but it also features lovely Canadian boys encouraging people to go for what they want, as they do crazy things themselves along the way. I must admit, streaking and spending a night in jail would NOT be on my list of things to do before I die... but you know what would be? Going to a hockey home opener!

This interest was probably sparked when I saw the Flyers' home opener on TV when I was fourteen. They announce the whole team?! And show lots of heart-pounding montages?! And potentially raise banners?! Obviously, this is the coolest thing ever! (Apparently, I love me some pomp and circumstance.) Soph and I thought we'd be able to cross this one off the proverbial list when we scored tickets to the Sharks home opener in 2007. But then disaster struck:

Yup. While we were down at the glass for the pre-game skate, the arena suddenly plunged into darkness. AWESOME. Basically, it was like a deleted scene from Sudden Death, minus Jean-Claude Van Damme beating up Sharkie. (I've never actually seen that movie, but just thinking about it makes me giggle.) For the record, the players kept warming up under the emergency lights, while a perplexed buzz went through the crowd. And after a lengthy delay, they got the lights back on and started the game... but sans Star Spangled Banner and any intros. Guys literally just came down the tunnel and stretched/took a few laps because it had been so long since warm-ups. Weirdest. game. ever.

As you can see, my dreams of seeing a hockey home opener were dashed, thereby making it necessary for me to try again. So Pops and I are going to the Flyers home opener next Monday! Eeeep! I'm almost scared to talk about it because I bought the tickets online but still need to pick them up at Will Call. As my friend put it, "It's like the adoption paperwork went through but you don't have the baby yet." Precisely. So it won't seem real until I have the tickets in my possession... or perhaps until the game is over and the power hasn't gone out! (fingers crossed)

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