Tuesday, November 9, 2010

$11.25mil = grilled cheese for all!

Baby BAMF, poised to take over the world

Apparently, Homer has the Official Slightly Saucy phone bugged because Soph and I had juuust been talking about how the Flyers need to sign Giroux last night. Ask and ye shall receive! But our psychic awesomeness is beside the point... because our beloved Claude Giroux will be staying in orange and black for another three years. Hooray! It's a good thing JVR's been scratched--he'll have plenty of time to cook up a batch of celebratory grilled cheeses! (Or should that be grilled cheezus?) Hopefully, with another three years of practice, I will remember that one does not cheer when Giroux scores, one "roooooos." (As in, "Gir-oooooooooux!!!!!!")

In any case, Soph and I are going to put on our Giroux jerseys/shirts and cartwheel around town. W00t!

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