Friday, November 26, 2010

Pronger's last stand

Pops and I did not have tickets to today's Black Friday game until approximately 12:14 PM. But we should have known we'd be in luck when we saw this good omen on the streets of Philadelphia:

Surely off to deliver the famous "case of Tastykakes"!

Actually, when we first arrived at the Wells Fargo Center Box Office to plead for last minute tix, we were told there were no pairs left. But Pops and I barely batted an eye. We know by now that stuff just has a weird way of working itself out. Case(es) and point(s): In Disneyland two years ago, a lovely couple approached us with four freebie tickets to give away because they juuuuust happened to spot our quartet in the crowd. And then, two days later, in the height of a Soph-less depression, I found out that someone (an eventual friend, no less!) had given up their fellowship at the last minute, thereby enabling me to go to grad school. Sure enough, today followed suit. The woman in the box office who intially pooh-poohed us turned around five seconds later and was like, "Wait, I think they're releasing some more tickets..." Moral of the story? I'm totally thankful for the way things just work out so perfectly sometimes. Oh, and you've gotta have faith-faith-faith-ah!

ANYWAY, we made it inside just in time to snag some sweet third row seats for warm-ups, although today was the Day of the Photobomb. No matter who I wanted to take a picture of, Blair Betts, Matt Carle, and Scott Hartnell were all up in their grill, like the guys in A Night at the Roxbury! Oy. (Sidenote: Did anyone else see Betts in the locker room during some pre-game montage last week? Homeboy is ripped! I mean, I guess this shouldn't be surprising since he IS a professional athlete and all, but I see him as H.P. Lovecraft's doppelganger, which is slightly problematic.)

Who knows, maybe Lovecraft was secretly up in the gym just working on his fitness...
(Poe's my witness?)

Warm-ups today featured some important revelations, namely that Jeff Carter's hair is no longer neon platinum uber-blonde (thank god) and that Claude Giroux is now officially a bad-ass and has forsaken his helmet!

Hey G, what up?

After warm-ups, we rushed up to our second row seats in 220! (Pops and I LOVE the second row upstairs, so much so that when the woman at the box office announced our seats, my reaction was, "SWEET! Er, I mean, yeah, those sound good...") Pops apparently was sitting next to McGruff the Crime Dog because this gent was silent until there was a penalty call and then: "AHHHH! INTERFERENCE!" "THAT'S BOARDING! BOARDING!!!" Other than those random outbursts, the game was kind of dull. Good chances, third period swoon, a couple of goals, Bob being awesome. But then. THEN there was... "Pronger's last stand" (copyright Pops). We were actually behind the other net, so we had no clue what had happened, or why it was unsportsmanlike conduct (aside from the f-bombs that were flying after the goal was called off). So how did this call go over, you ask?

This was the RESIDUAL booing that ramped up during every stoppage.
The fans took it well, clearly.

I must say, the dramalicious OT/shootout were worth the price of admission. (As were the post-game comments apparently!) Actually, I haven't seen an OT game since Soph and I went to a slew of them in '08-09, goodness! Soph is actually the one who instituted the Black Friday game as a tradition, and Pops and I are more than happy to uphold it in her absence!

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